1. J

    TestE/Dbol Cycle - Welcome To The Darkside

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody, I started this thread in the Anabolics section and was recommended to start a new new here, here’s a link to the start of it and I’ll be updating regularly between experiences of all kinds/thoughts/etc. This is also for those that either never injected...
  2. J

    Test-E / Dbol cycle

    It’s officially official just joined the dark side as of yesterday and other than slight soreness, 1st time injecting (to be expected), despite a fear of needles kinda wishing I did this years ago when I was running orals only. Yesterday: 1ml - 250 test e 30mg dbol I went slowly during the...
  3. OSGear Rep

    STEROIDS CYCLES available now on OSGear!

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  4. J

    What next!

    (Fwd from my buddy tryna get help) Alright I have a situation. First of all if you are new to this stuff DONT FOLLOW MY LEAD Idk shit! Just learning. Let me be an example of what not to do, always get blood before during and after and you won’t be left wondering like me. Male mid 20s...
  5. jb_martini12

    Titrating Testosterone Dosage

    I had another genuis question for you guys and its about titration the testosterone dosage. Say I had 2 vials of test at 250mg/ml in a 10ml vial and I was planning a cycle. What would be the concensus with starting at 250 for 3 weeks, then moving to 375 for 3 weeks, 500 for 4 weeks and back down...
  6. J

    New beginner cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on doing a 10 week Test-e cycle 500mg per week. I have done 3 sarm cycles previously over the course of 2 years, (rad140/Mk677, Ostarine/cardarine, and LDG4/Yk11) and had amazing results, but used prohormones (4andro) as my base instead of testosterone. Would it be ok if...
  7. hernmore

    How long between tren cycles

    Need a bit of help, I ran a test (400) and tren (400) cycle for 8 weeks, loved the results, has been 8 weeks since I finished it ( no need of pct since I’m on trt). My question is, how often or how many times can I run the same cycle (test + tren) per year?
  8. P_Labs

    P_labs Clen 200 Lab Results

    Attached are the results from our Clen suspension testing with Jano. These are oral droppers at 200mcg/ml. Dispensed in a controlled drop of 10mcg per drop. Cheers, -PL :)🍻
  9. Sponx

    Your Favorite Cutting Cycle Stack (No Tren)

    Howdy Gentlemen! Just wanting to gauge the thoughts of y'all in regards to your favorite cutting cycle stacks; what do you use, how much, and how long? Looking to change things up on my next cutting cycle... Thank you in advance! No Tren, though! :)
  10. YourMuscleShop

    What Does Post Cycle Therapy Mean?

    Most people take steroids in "cycles" to avoid developing a tolerance and to give (HPTA) — the hormone production control system — time to enhance testosterone production after each use. The deluge of synthetic hormones that occurs with steroid use, however, throws your body off balance. When...
  11. S

    NPP over 40, First Time User

    Hey Guys - I am seeking adivce from you all that know better than I do, as I made a rookie mistake my first go with Deca, and am now trying to do things smart(er). I started NPP 4 weeks ago at 100mg/week. I have titrated up to 200/week now and am just not feelig much of an effect. It is my...
  12. T

    First time with T3

    What’s going on brothers, First post after my intro on this forum but not new to the game I’m currently cruisin on test e 250mg/week and decided to add some T3 in. The source where I have been getting my test unfortunately doesn’t sell t3 im currently 5’7 203 lbs 20%bf haven’t been on a...
  13. B

    Tren/Test Cycle

    Ok this is my first post..... I've trolled around her for awhile but hoping can get some advice. Quick stats I'm 56 (yeah I'm old) and currently about 15% BF. Have done a few cycles when I lived in Thailand and have some stupid experience with Tren where I ended up with the scary effects like...
  14. C

    Deca Dbol Test E

    I have not started this cycle yet. Waiting for recommendations and still studying on things before I even attempt to start. Stats: 5'7 186Ibs, 28 years old. Last BF conducted on 12nov2020 was 21.6% Test 800mg/wk Deca 400mg/wk Dbol 40mg/ed Mon and Thurs is when I will do my injections. This...
  15. Void

    How’s this cycle look?

    I’m getting ready to go back on blast after a near full year of cruising I like to keep it fairly simple, my last cycle was test, EQ, deca and rotation of anadrol every other ten days. Prior to that it was just test, mast, and a-drol. I’m thinking of swapping the EQ with mast this time around...
  16. K

    2nd Run at it

    Ok so om about to start my 2nd cycle. I plan on pinning 200 test cyp twice a week for 12 weeks taking Ostarine 2866 20 mg a day for 8 to 10 weeks. Taking Arimidex .25 to .50 every other day for the full length of the cycle and PCT with colmid and nolva. I have a few questions. 1. Should I start...
  17. K


    Hey everyone! so i decied on my second cycle im going to do 500mg of test cyp in 2 pins a week and i want to stack it with ostarine mk-2866. I need a really good source for these.
  18. K

    Hello Everyone! I have Questions!

    Hey Everyone this is my first Post on this Forum so let me get right to it. Im 31 6 foot tall 215lbs about 25% bodyfat. Last year i ran my first cycle of gear from naps. I ran test cyp 250 about 200mg 2 times a week for 12 weeks. armidex for sides and nolva for pct. Results were ok I wasn't...
  19. KageMorris10

    Spring cut cycle.Tren ace, T3 stack.

    Just trying to get some feed back on an idea I have for a cycle. I’ve taken several that are similar to this but I’m just getting different opinions.. Stats; 5’8” 180 17%ish BF 27 years old. I’ve been on several cycles; (mast, tren E, tren ace, mast p, mast e, test c, test e, winstrol, decca...
  20. B

    Deload Before Blast

    I am deloading for one week before my next blast. When training after a deload I start with low volume and work my way up to higher work loads. My questions is, during this low volume phase at the beginning of my blast, am I wasting the Dbol? Should I start the Dbol a few weeks in reap the true...