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Greetings....I think this mode of communication is not private....remember I am a tech moron, LOL. I wanted to talk privately with you about the person I thought (I may very well be wrong....hence why I wanted to PM you) was the Pharmacon chef several years ago. Would you be so kind as to PM me and then I will PM you back. Oh, and thanks for being a very reasonable person.
trying to keep it real but i need dianabol
Listen… you’ve messaged me a bunch of times and now I see you messaging me here. There are lots of sponsors on this board. The instructions are in each sponsors sub-forum… this tells you how to obtain lists and gives you websites you can order from. I can’t really be much more clear about that. I’m not being rude… however there’s a process here and its up to you to figure that out.
Not so new anymore... but coming back to this forum looking for certain info. If you got homebrew info, raw powder supplier info, or even some legit dragon pharma dealer, hit me up let me know thanks yall