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I have to say juice daddy is fucking awesome!!!! Not one problem and straight fwd.thank you!!!! just received my order. No games no bs. Go tome. Thank you
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Glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy what you got.
Its a pleasure to be on here with you guys. I've learned a lot just from reading through some of the posts on here. The info is great and will be extremely helpful. I'm about to start a cycle. I have tren a, test p, deca and adex. I was wondering if anyone has any tips, secrets, or warnings? I also wanted to know what a good meal plan would be going forward? I look forward taking this journey with you.
sorry Josh i dont have a lot of time at the moment but i wanted to welcome you to the board. Welcome to ASF
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Hey Brother, thanks for the follow and drop a line anytime if you need questions or support, my details below. ASF is an awesome Forum and you will see most members want to help fellow members. I am a Sponsor here at ASF and a past competative strength athlete and I will help our members. Wish you all the best...

Best Regards,

Looking for a new source, hoping you could help me out. I’m interested in doing business with someone who’s been recommended very highly.