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started running debol for the fist time on trt and unfortunately i love it lol about to start a cycle with sus 250 wondering if i should just use the sus or keep my trt with it anyone ran cyp and sus together on here befor ?
I would drop the CYP
Run the SUS at 500mg
Add NPP at 400mg

Save the DBOL for the end. Even change out the DBOL and run Anavar the last 6 weeks of the cycle
thank you for the knowledge i think thats what ill do besides the anavar ive been so hesitant and skeptical about ordering anavar the last 2 times i ordered it 1 was bunk and the other was debol thats why i have the debol but thank you i am going to do it that way i start tomorrow
I work for AG and I can tell you our Anavar is not DBOL. Our Anavar is Anavar. We also sell lower dosed women Anavar at a lower dose. We understand the frustration of getting a different compound when ordering or a dosage that’s less than what was ordered. If there’s anything I can do to help you during the order process or if you have any questions I’d be happy to help.