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  1. H

    HGH and Steroid cycles

    Am wondering what's the best way to combine my next gear cycle with my HGH. I have used both injectable steroids and HGH in the past but never together. Am going to do a 12 week stacked cycle. Finishing off with Clomid & Tamoxifen. Danabol 40mg/day 1-4 Testosterone Enanthate 500mg/ week...
  2. S

    First Test Cycle

    Newbie here. Started my first cycle in late April. Doing 500mg of Test cypionate per week. Just wanted to get any tips/recommendations during the first cycle. I've been eating 5-6 clean meals per day, plus my Whey protein shakes. Want to add mass and get big. Stats 5'10" Started at 170 lbs...
  3. R

    Test 402 and Tren-E 200 Cycle Help

    Hello everyone, first post ever so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I need your expert opinion on how to add Tren-E (200mg/ml) to my current Test 402 (Im trying to remember off my head, bottles not in front of me: 134mg/ml Test Propionate , 134mg/ml Test Enanthate, 134mg/ml Test...
  4. S

    How long before your next cycle ?

    Whats up guys ,, just was curios, whats some of the shortest time you waited, before staring your next cycle?:D
  5. B

    Need pre cycle advice.

    Alright guys, need some health advice per say. 4 months ago I underwent a full labrial shoulder repair, tore it clean in half. I started back lifting about a month ago and I'm thinking about taking anadrol or maybe even GP sust 270. Im trying to figure out if its going to hurt me worse than it...
  6. W

    cycle diet advice

    new guy looking for some advice and heard these forums were best hey guys... looking for a little advice on a new stack... i have cycled with gear before but never to really cut.. my diet is in check to cut but I'm really just looking to see what else I can add stats: 6'3/229 lb/14.7...
  7. D

    1st Cycle Advise Please

    Stats: 21yo, been lifting for 4 years, 6 ft, 190lbs, ~9%bf. First off i know most people are going to say I'm too young, but I've made up my mind and i'll do everything i can to make sure i do this cycle safely. So i finally found a reliable source and placed an order, gear is currently on...
  8. FreakaZoiid

    OLYMPUS pharma first cycle ever.

    Ok so its dec 29 and im gonna run a 12 week stack dboll and testE using olympus gear.@50 mg dboll 4 weeks and 650 mg of testE 12 weeks. Pinning 2x aw Current stats are at 6ft. 247 lbs Bench 315 for 5 reps Squat 275 for 8 reps Measurements: Chest 50" Biceps 18 1/2" 19" Quads 24" Calfs 16" I'm...
  9. A

    Back from Afghanistan, here for advice, ready for bulking cycle!

    Hello everyone, I'm here from WI, i recently got honorably discharged from the army, i was a scout for three years and had one year in Afghanistan. We bought a bunch of pro hormones before deployment and had some gyno as a result of superdrol, and just had it sliced out so i am ready after lots...
  10. D

    help with pct and test e cycle

    I am currently on a cycle .. I have listed it below... week 1-10 300mg test e week 1-10 n2guard week 1-10 omega 3 supplements week 1-10 amino acids week 5-10 test booster/ estrogen blocker for my pct i was going to use ... week 10-16 n2guard week 10-16 natural test booster. then 4...
  11. massthetics

    Bulking Cycle - Classic

    Added some things to my cycle plus minor tweaks. I know Deca causes pretty bad natural test production shutdown so let me know what to do with this PCT if anything. thanks...
  12. massthetics

    Cycle Laid Out w/ Details.. Need Review/Tips

    Alright so I've spent months researching this third cycle. Priming myself and getting ready to make some insane gains on this one.. Just thinking maybe it's missing something. Here goes: Cycle: Frontloading D-Bol @ 50mg/day for weeks 1-3, Test-E @ 750mg/wk for weeks 1-15 stacked with EQ @...
  13. Gaige21

    Aplha male pharma

    Debating wether or not to try their stuff. Anyone have real experience with it? No reps, Please.
  14. J

    Got my AY Order, T3 & Clen to Cut. Follow Along Here. (Gear Porn)

    Alright, I just received my AY order of T3 and Clenbuterol. I plan to start up within the next few days and I'll post back here a couple of times a week with weight and possibly photo results for anyone who is interested in following along to see what kind of results I get from a 42 day cycle of...
  15. D

    cycle help/input please

    Hey i was wondering if someone could steer me in the right direction without any non necessary commets. I weigh 320 to 330 at 6'1" but everyone tells me i look 260 im 16% bodyfat. My question is what would be the best cycle to turn stomach fat into muscle or just lose it and also something that...
  16. C

    High Blood Pressure - First Cycle Test C

    Hey, I just thought I post here that I went on test c at 400mg ew. It's been a month. i also use formeron to cut the E2. I normally take around 200mg ew test c for trt but am now finally dping a cycle. If this works out well, I'd up to 500+, then move on from there. My BP was in the good shape...
  17. S

    Pro Hormone HPTA

    Hey bros, Can someone please explain to me how my HPTA could be damaged from running a 5 week cycle of super dmz 2.0 even if i did a two week pre load, AI EOD on cycle, all the support supps, and a SERM with a natty t booster post cycle?