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Feb 24, 2014
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new guy looking for some advice and heard these forums were best

hey guys... looking for a little advice on a new stack... i have cycled with gear before but never to really cut.. my diet is in check to cut but I'm really just looking to see what else I can add

stats: 6'3/229 lb/14.7 bf% 29 years old

What I have and looking to do

test 3 300/ 600mg per week/ 12 weeks
mast eneth 200/ 600 mg per wee/ 12 weeks

diet is as followed

aprox 2600 cal/day
protein/273 grams
fats/ 64 grams

normal routines/ steady cardio 2 times per week/ 2 sessions of hiit per week

lifting sched

monday/legs 16/20 sets
tuesday/ chest 16/20 set
wednesday/ cardio/core
thurs/back 16/20 sets
friday/ shoulders 20 sets superset with arms 12 sets bi 12 sets tri
saturday/ cardio
sunday full day off

any ideas or tweaks? thanks guys!!!​