30 year old sustanon 250 and anavar arimidex


Aug 1, 2014
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Ok guys so im 30 years old 5'10 160 and about 13% bf i dropped about 7 percent bf and 30 lbs recently so i can eat right and have no problem going to the gym and giving it my all.. just got ahold of some sustanon and some arimidex. also some anavar and clenbuterol for my friend... he chickend out and gave it back to me.... so i was thinking of now doing sustanon 250 and the anavar. heres my idea of my cycle correct me if im wrong. i did my research just give me your opinion.

sustanon 250 week 1-12 twice a week monday, thursday= 500mg a week
arimidex monday, wed, friday 1mg each day so 3 mg a week
anavar i was thinking week 6-12 or should i do it earlier? thats my main question??? not sure of the measurement of the anavar friend tore the label off but i believe its 50mg its liquid oral. have a months worth. was going to take it maybe weeks 4-8?????

i will get a pCT not sure of which one or dosage or when to start, prone to acne. please help guys what should i do for pct and when should i start.

goal is to get to 175-180 7-10%bf