1. N

    Ace Labs Test @ 140lbs trying to gain 20 lbs help plz

    Im currently taking 500 mgs of ACE Labs Test which is prettty good so far ive only been on for s a month and have not gained much looks like my muscles are shredding but no mass im at 140lbs trying to gain at least 20 lbs help there has to be something im not doing right i know that i should...
  2. N

    cycle of ACE Labs test with HGH

    Im taking Ace Labs Test its pretty clean im taking 500mg wk and working towards gaining more mass but my water weight does not stick my muscles are getting bigger and stronger but im just not growing past a certain point that is why i started taking the HGH so i can actually grow i am...
  3. AceLabs

    PrivateMDLabs Coupon Code - Save 15% on Bloodwork!

    Guys, As you know, baseline and cycle bloodwork is important. Save 15% on any testing with - ACE15 - by PrivateMDLabs - www.privatemdlabs.com There is no expiration date and you can use as many times as you need. Cheers, AceLabs Team
  4. AceLabs

    Wanna try our Test E for FREE? Limited time only!!!

    Guys, We want to get the word out, make any order over 100 USD and we'll throw in a FREE 10ml vial of our Test E. This offer will last until 20 Feb, 2018. Add a comment in Checkout that you saw the Promo here on ASF. Cheers, AceLabs Team
  5. W

    First Cycle Ever, been reading for months... please chime in!

    Ok guys, I've been reading on and off about AAS's for years, but I think I am ready to pull the trigger. I'm 5'9, 170 lbs, been lifting since I was 15, and I'm 27 now, 100% natty. I'm confused about PCT. Well, not really confused, just want to know what the experienced guys use. HCG? Is it...
  6. B

    Touch Down

    So my pharmacom goodies came in yesterday. As many, I was skeptical in ordering from an international website but after plenty of reviews on here and reviews on their website I pulled the trigger on my first big boy cycle. Placed my order on 11/9 and was delivered on 11/28 via USPS. I patiently...
  7. CavabangaKarl

    Provi vs Test

    Just a question guys. I've heard that possible when you run Tren you can use Provi in a place of Test, because it helps to libido and is near an oral version of dihydrotestosterone, which has no water retention and aromatase. How much that real?
  8. G

    Personality changes

    Hi guys (and girls) LONG POST ALERT I currently live with my partner who is a steroid user and I have some concerns which I wanted to clear up through here... Firstly, I'm not entirely naive. I dated steroid users in the past. When I met my current partner I asked him what he was running (I...
  9. B

    New and need some help

    What's up yall I recently moved to a new area and and got back into hitting the gym regularly. I have take a few cycles before of test E and Deca but never with the regularity I should have. Now that I moved I also no longer have access to getting juice from any other source than the internet...
  10. M

    First time test base (questions)

    Just used my first 100mg of test base (water suspension) mixed with 100mg of tren ace. that is just a side note. Question here is about the amps of test base. They have sediment all stuck in either the top or bottom of amp, how do i get that to mix with the water? second question how quickly...
  11. M

    New Member On First Cycle Planning

    Hey there guys new to the forum & to everything about AAS. Was looking to begin a simple cycle of just test-enth with 400mg per week followed up with a pct consisting of Clomid, Aromasin, Nolvadex. Then taking proscar on the side to combat possible hairloss. My age is 25 years old, weighing in...
  12. G

    Hi just joined 2 minutes ago ! Help needed

    I was researching from last few days and luckily i found this forum. Can some one tell me where I can find test acetate? I am going with test acetate because there is no PIP. I never tried test Prop though but read many articles saying it hurts a lot, is it true? is there any source that makes...
  13. T

    First cycle! Dbol and Test E

    Hi everyone. After a year of thought I have finally decided to do my first cycle. My cycle would include 30mg of Dbol a day for 4 weeks (10 in the morning, 10 mid day, and 10 before bed) and Test E 2 times a day for 10 weeks. PCT would be 15 days after first pin Clomid 100/100/50/50 My...
  14. damatrix

    Comp Prep for Cycle

    I decided to compete in a show on June 24/25 and I was wondering how well this cycle will do with my contest prep leading up to the show, diet and fat loss are not my issue I have done shows before and placed well but its doing it unnaturally im confused about As of today I will be 14.5 Weeks...
  15. L

    Anyone ever used prepaid CC to purchase ?

    Hi, I am in Slovenia and came across these sites were you can pay via CC,Steroidsukonline.com and steroids-europe.com.I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them or if you could recommend somewhere that accepts CC and ships to Slovenia. Cheers :clapping:
  16. R

    Need help first full cycle! Test-E - AI help needed please

    Hello All, My stats age 23, 90kg 5"11 - lift for a few years seriously but for since i remember I am just finishing a DBOL only cycle 40mg ED for 6 weeks with some liver sups and then nolva+clomid PCT. This has been my first cycle and i have loved it, great gains (some to be lost i am sure)...
  17. Kungfu_0691

    Can anyone help?

    This is the first time I'm having to find a supplier because I'm usually local. What reputable source would you guys recommend and how do I get in touch with them. Any help is appreciated
  18. M

    Naps Gear cycle

    What's up guys first post. Wanted to give a review Of my naps cycle and it was nothing short of great all around. I'm 21 5'7 160 - 165lbs and have been powerlifting and reg lifting for about 7 years now. Ive competed in 3 different powerlifting shows and have state and regional records...
  19. cowleygains

    PCT with HCG and clomifene citrate

    Hey everybody, i appologise if this is already covered, i tried reading other PCT posts, but couldnt work it out to apply to my cycle Ive got roughly 12-14 days left of a test prop (580mg/wk) and tren ace (480mg/wk) pinning every 2 days masteron and dbol were in the cycle earlier, but i dropped...
  20. cowleygains

    tren dick/ fighting prolactin levels

    Hey so im half way through week 7 hitting 450mg of test prop 450mg of tren ace 450mg of masteron prop and using 1000mcg of mtren per session the last few weeks ive started experiencing what i think is tren dick it still goes up, but sometimes half way through smashing a bird it just goes floppy...