1. T

    First cycle! Dbol and Test E

    Hi everyone. After a year of thought I have finally decided to do my first cycle. My cycle would include 30mg of Dbol a day for 4 weeks (10 in the morning, 10 mid day, and 10 before bed) and Test E 2 times a day for 10 weeks. PCT would be 15 days after first pin Clomid 100/100/50/50 My...
  2. damatrix

    Comp Prep for Cycle

    I decided to compete in a show on June 24/25 and I was wondering how well this cycle will do with my contest prep leading up to the show, diet and fat loss are not my issue I have done shows before and placed well but its doing it unnaturally im confused about As of today I will be 14.5 Weeks...
  3. L

    Anyone ever used prepaid CC to purchase ?

    Hi, I am in Slovenia and came across these sites were you can pay via CC,Steroidsukonline.com and steroids-europe.com.I was wondering if anyone has had any dealings with them or if you could recommend somewhere that accepts CC and ships to Slovenia. Cheers :clapping:
  4. R

    Need help first full cycle! Test-E - AI help needed please

    Hello All, My stats age 23, 90kg 5"11 - lift for a few years seriously but for since i remember I am just finishing a DBOL only cycle 40mg ED for 6 weeks with some liver sups and then nolva+clomid PCT. This has been my first cycle and i have loved it, great gains (some to be lost i am sure)...
  5. Kungfu_0691

    Can anyone help?

    This is the first time I'm having to find a supplier because I'm usually local. What reputable source would you guys recommend and how do I get in touch with them. Any help is appreciated
  6. M

    Naps Gear cycle

    What's up guys first post. Wanted to give a review Of my naps cycle and it was nothing short of great all around. I'm 21 5'7 160 - 165lbs and have been powerlifting and reg lifting for about 7 years now. Ive competed in 3 different powerlifting shows and have state and regional records...
  7. cowleygains

    PCT with HCG and clomifene citrate

    Hey everybody, i appologise if this is already covered, i tried reading other PCT posts, but couldnt work it out to apply to my cycle Ive got roughly 12-14 days left of a test prop (580mg/wk) and tren ace (480mg/wk) pinning every 2 days masteron and dbol were in the cycle earlier, but i dropped...
  8. cowleygains

    tren dick/ fighting prolactin levels

    Hey so im half way through week 7 hitting 450mg of test prop 450mg of tren ace 450mg of masteron prop and using 1000mcg of mtren per session the last few weeks ive started experiencing what i think is tren dick it still goes up, but sometimes half way through smashing a bird it just goes floppy...
  9. bayou_boy

    Product Test

    Anyone out there have any advise on the test kit? I know labmax makes one. Just wondering how accurate it is and if it is worth getting it to test some gear?
  10. Q

    Anadrol HELP please

    Hey guys I've used 4 cycles in my life but never Orals. I have always been careful low dosed it and proper pct and enough time in between. I've been hesitant for a while about anadrol but went for it to desperately add more weight. Here is the question I know it's very harsh and needs a good pct...
  11. A

    First Cycle at Last!

    Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a long time, quick background: I have been training since i was 16, i am 24 now. I've been reading constantly for the last few years in my free time about bodybuilding and all the drugs involved. When i was in Afghanistan we would order pro-hormones and take...
  12. A

    Tren Ace, Test Prop, GHRP, Slin log

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I'm starting a cycle, non sponsored, with my goals to bulk up, and maintain sub 10% BF. My cycle: Tren Ace 25mg ED1-10 Test prop 50mg ED1-10 Slin PW and mornings of training: 7IU 1-4, 8-12. dextrose, creatine, protein. GHRP 6 100mcg or more if Tren suppresses...
  13. Y

    test e/anadrol feedback

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback on a cycle I'm going to be running starting January. It is as follows: -5 weeks Anadrol 50mg daily -10 weeks decca -12 weeks Dragon Pharm test e 250 @ 375ml weekly (pin .75cc Monday and Thursday, incorporate 1cc decca on Thurs pin) PCT will include tamoxifen...
  14. E

    Help Please ... cycle

    please helpI am new on this forum my first time posting .I have been working out couple years now.I need some help with my cycle dosageI have Boldenone, Test Propionate and PrimobolanI also have arimidex, novadex, HCG, proviron and clomid.I would like to know if i can inject 100ml of each monday...
  15. jaxxtx

    LEGEND TD!! Good To Go

    Whats up everyone. I have been loyal to a sponsor on here since the beginning but nonetheless things got stupid and I ventured out. Here is a "first order" testimony. PRICES ARE REDICULOUS Turnaround time was fast....real fast compared to my previous sponsor. Did 2cc Test and 2cc Cut Stack...
  16. K

    Maximizing your roid cycle

    I'm sbout to start a cycle with test d Bol and winstrol + pct and all that. I want to meximize my gains so obviously eating a shit ton of proteins and good carbs is a must but I also want to work out as much as I can. I know you can work out substantially more on roids but I also know that even...
  17. Eatsleeprepeat

    Pre-1st Cycle Questions

    Starting my first all Test-E cycle after vacation and trying to get all my P's and Q's in line. I am currently 6'1 198 lb around 12% BF. with this 12 week cycle I am hoping to gain some lean mass but I don't want a cut cycle. Looking to gain 12-15lb of muscle, so I'm looking at 30-40lb over all...
  18. F

    What do you think about this cycle? First cycle!

    This is my first cycle. I have done an extensive amount of research and the last step for me is to post it and see what you guys think. Please advise on any changes or additions you might think will benefit me and my goals. GOAL - Objective of this cycle is to get leaned out with great muscle...
  19. R

    Test 402 and Tren-E 200 Cycle Help

    Hello everyone, first post ever so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I need your expert opinion on how to add Tren-E (200mg/ml) to my current Test 402 (Im trying to remember off my head, bottles not in front of me: 134mg/ml Test Propionate , 134mg/ml Test Enanthate, 134mg/ml Test...
  20. Gaige21

    Test Prop Homebrew

    Just made my first homebrew test prop. Dose was 120mg/mL, 2% BA and 20% BB. Oh man, got so boring pushing it all through 0.2um Whatman lol. Letting the batch sit overnight so the BA can kill anything alive, and gonna shoot up first thing tomorrow. Will let you guys know how awesome it is :P