1. D

    help with pct and test e cycle

    I am currently on a cycle .. I have listed it below... week 1-10 300mg test e week 1-10 n2guard week 1-10 omega 3 supplements week 1-10 amino acids week 5-10 test booster/ estrogen blocker for my pct i was going to use ... week 10-16 n2guard week 10-16 natural test booster. then 4...
  2. JFuerte

    Primo & Sust

    :thinking: Is it a good idea of running a Primo and Sust cycle? i am Debating weather i should do this ( of course with other AAS ) Reason for my contemplation is that primo is a Test and so is Sust but primo serves as an estrogen blocker and one usually retains the muscle put on from it. I am...
  3. Gaige21

    Aplha male pharma

    Debating wether or not to try their stuff. Anyone have real experience with it? No reps, Please.
  4. S

    Test E vs. Test Cyp vs. Test Prop

    Okay, so what's everybody's favorite form of test? I know E and Cyp are pretty much the same...but whatever. I'm currently running test E and love it so far. What are ur thought and opinions??:hmm: