1. D

    TRT - Sarms - Steroids

    Hi guys, I'm 46yrs old. 5'10. 285lbs 30 years weight training. Supplements: multi vitamins, fish oils, Amazing Grass super green food, choline and inositol for liver support and creatine, vitamin D3 and MSM. Never done steroids or sarms, only Just thought of doing it now as I am on TRT, have...
  2. JFuerte

    HELP WITH Dosage GW-501516

    Good afternoon brother & sisters. I was given a bottle of a Sarm GW-501516 ( first time trying this ) but i have read up on it alot and decided to have my rat try it, why not. One problem i never paid attention math class, the Bottle states 5mg/60ml and the dropper starts from .1 - 1ml. From...
  3. JFuerte

    IGF-LR3 and MK2866 Cycle ( PEPTIDES)

    What do u think of a Mk2866 and Igf- Lr3 Cycle? i know i Should mix the Igf-Lr3 with aa But my question is how much of aa should i use for a 1mg bottle and if i do 80 mcg daily should that last me 2 weeks? I have read that i should not do no more than 30 days on the Igf-Lr3. What you guys think...