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IGF-LR3 and MK2866 Cycle ( PEPTIDES)


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Jun 6, 2013
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What do u think of a Mk2866 and Igf- Lr3 Cycle? i know i Should mix the Igf-Lr3 with aa But my question is how much of aa should i use for a 1mg bottle and if i do 80 mcg daily should that last me 2 weeks? I have read that i should not do no more than 30 days on the Igf-Lr3. What you guys think? I am new to this peptide world and looking to up some weight and lean ot a bit for next 3 months ( cant test positive for AAs) hopefully in January i can get on. Your Info is really appreciated, I have done extensive reading regarding this but nothing is better that personal use and veteran guidance. Thank you.Pep