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  • Wes Can you help me out? My wife's shoulder been hurting her a little and she has trouble doing chest & shoulder exercises, I'm fixing to start giving her some TB 500. She's around 140lbs how many iu's would I give her and how many times a week,thanks for your time.
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    Thanks man, would you be able to tell me how many iu's 250mcgs are? If this works for her I might get her some of the cream.
    Depends how much bac water you mix sir. I like to mix 2cc of water into a 5mg bottle. Then every 1cc= 2500mgs, or every 10 dash mark on a slin pin is equal to 250mcgs. Make sense?
    yes sir thanks
    Adderal/noopept products on your site
    I sent you a PM, but thought I’d try this as well.

    Studying for a big promotional exam , which if I do well will follow shorty after with a 5 panel urine test.
    Is there anything in these products that would make me pop hot ?
    Sitting in my cart, but thought I should ask first !
    Hey Wes, sorry to bug you. After my last post about my doctor I’m a little concerned and realize it may have been foolhardy to post. Do you know how I can delete a post? I do not see that option anywhere.
    Hey man. Placed a order with recon a few days ago and paid. Haven’t gotten a update yet as far as if it shipped yet or not. Pm me when you can please. Thank you.
    Hey wes. I wanted to speak with you about the colognes you was talking about. Could you pm me when possible? Thanks.
    Wesley, my echeck payment went through yesterday for an order I placed on IMR but I noticed that the shipping and billing address on my order is wrong... please PM me when you get this
    Hey Wes, how's it going? Do you have any idea what the status is of Mike Arnold supplements? I've been taking somatozine for 4 or 5 months now and I have about 3 months left on my current bottle. I'd really lie to continue taking it without having to take a break, so any idea when I'll be able to order again?

    Thank you,

    Are you still repping for iron mag?

    First time ordering based off all of your listing about legit IGF-1 and after 2 doses and 72 hours still have red painful spots from sub q.

    Anyone else having issues? Never had this from peptides ever, especially with BAC water
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