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  2. J

    New beginner cycle

    Hey guys, I am planning on doing a 10 week Test-e cycle 500mg per week. I have done 3 sarm cycles previously over the course of 2 years, (rad140/Mk677, Ostarine/cardarine, and LDG4/Yk11) and had amazing results, but used prohormones (4andro) as my base instead of testosterone. Would it be ok if...
  3. K

    One of the most effective fitness and weight loss options in 2022 GW501516

    Once there was such a survey. In the general population of the United States, 65% of people's weight exceeded the normal standard, and 70% of people wanted to get better and said they needed to lose weight very much. Now there are a variety of fat reduction courses, fat reduction books, fat...
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  9. L

    Question about GW-501516

    What up fellas... Ill try to keep this short. Its regarding GW-501516. Im going to run test-e 500/week with anavar here in a month or so and just curious if I could run GW for the next month to shed some body fat before I cycle? Is a month enough time to see some decent results? Ive done my...

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  12. K


    Hey everyone! so i decied on my second cycle im going to do 500mg of test cyp in 2 pins a week and i want to stack it with ostarine mk-2866. I need a really good source for these.
  13. K

    Hello Everyone! I have Questions!

    Hey Everyone this is my first Post on this Forum so let me get right to it. Im 31 6 foot tall 215lbs about 25% bodyfat. Last year i ran my first cycle of gear from naps. I ran test cyp 250 about 200mg 2 times a week for 12 weeks. armidex for sides and nolva for pct. Results were ok I wasn't...
  14. jozifp103

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  15. A

    Unclez Sarms review

    Does anyone have any experience purchasing from Unclez? Are their products legit?
  16. Z


    Has anyone tried SARMs before? What’s your best experience with it? After doing research I was directed to swoleaflabs and it made me want to try them. I found the price good and I got the gains I want! Also, the PCT wasn’t bad at all!

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  18. love2lift_luke

    New to ASF, not to PEDs

    Hello everybody. This is my first forum I have ever registered with! I just turned 22 last month. I started out weighing around 100 pounds at 5' 9" and for the longest time I was the skinniest kid in the whole school from middle school to that point. I was a human skeleton, i was 80-90lbs the...
  19. D

    Why suspension or liquid for powders

    Can anyone tell me please why make a suspension or liquid at all (e.g. SARMS like Andarine, Ostarine, Carnadine)? Why not take the small, weighed, measure of the proportional amount of powder you need and just consume it as a powder? Just putting directly on your tongue/mouth and chasing it...
  20. B

    Sarms Authenticity

    Hey guys I just started using sarms about two weeks ago but am not to sure how legit the ones I bought are since the measurement scale on them has already faded and rubbed off, I bought them from a nutrition bar called Immortal Labz inside of an LA Fitness gym, have any of you guys ever heard of...