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  1. T

    TREN! Opinions.. doses..

    Alright so I'm the go big or go home type, and it's no different with my gear protocol. What's your tren sweet spot? Why? What works best for you? ED pins? EOD? E2D? Personally my sweet spot is 100mg ED. I get strong as an ox and see changes daily. I've went as high as 1050mg total tren ace a...
  2. T

    Hello brothers of Iron

    I'm new to the forum but not new to steroids! Seemed like a great place to be with no shortage of information, so here I am! Stats: 28yo, height is 5'11", body weight fluctuates around 200-205lbs. Pretty lean, no sure what my BF % is.. I consider myself sort of a "power-builder". I love...
  3. I

    My dilemma need advice ASAP

    So I have this problem, my 8 week NPP/test p bulk cycle was suppose to end the last week of March, however my supplier didn't get me the gear on time so I had to start late and it ends week after next so I've been on for 6 What the plan was to end the bulk cycle in March and wait till June and...
  4. Kungfu_0691

    Can anyone help?

    This is the first time I'm having to find a supplier because I'm usually local. What reputable source would you guys recommend and how do I get in touch with them. Any help is appreciated
  5. cowleygains

    PCT with HCG and clomifene citrate

    Hey everybody, i appologise if this is already covered, i tried reading other PCT posts, but couldnt work it out to apply to my cycle Ive got roughly 12-14 days left of a test prop (580mg/wk) and tren ace (480mg/wk) pinning every 2 days masteron and dbol were in the cycle earlier, but i dropped...
  6. T

    adding tren E to TRT

    When I started training, I was a big ol tub of lard sitting pretty at 400lbs... after two years ive managed to recomp and am sitting at 275lbs with a decent amount of fat left to lose. Ive recently gotten into powerlifting/strongman, which is very difficult to do in a caloric deficit. I am...
  7. cowleygains

    tren dick/ fighting prolactin levels

    Hey so im half way through week 7 hitting 450mg of test prop 450mg of tren ace 450mg of masteron prop and using 1000mcg of mtren per session the last few weeks ive started experiencing what i think is tren dick it still goes up, but sometimes half way through smashing a bird it just goes floppy...
  8. Q

    Anadrol HELP please

    Hey guys I've used 4 cycles in my life but never Orals. I have always been careful low dosed it and proper pct and enough time in between. I've been hesitant for a while about anadrol but went for it to desperately add more weight. Here is the question I know it's very harsh and needs a good pct...
  9. A

    Tren Ace, Test Prop, GHRP, Slin log

    Hey guys, this is my first post. I'm starting a cycle, non sponsored, with my goals to bulk up, and maintain sub 10% BF. My cycle: Tren Ace 25mg ED1-10 Test prop 50mg ED1-10 Slin PW and mornings of training: 7IU 1-4, 8-12. dextrose, creatine, protein. GHRP 6 100mcg or more if Tren suppresses...
  10. cowleygains

    ToRip 301 serious after injection pain

    Hey, just a quick question lads, ive been cycling TORIPTEST P 100MG TREN A 100MG MAST P 100MG MTREN 1000MCG which is a rip blend by Apollo labs, ive been injecting in glutes and shoulders (rotating) 1.5ml EOD ive tried warming the vial up in nearly boiling water before injecting and...
  11. X

    Need Advice on Second Cycle - Tren Ace

    Hey bros! I'm looking to start a tren cycle, but as this is only my second cycle and I have never run Tren before, I could use some help in putting it together. I'm looking for a clean bulk, as I am a fitness model. Here's what I've got so far after researching it. I'd appreciate y'alls...
  12. N

    GrAnabolic's Domestic Androgen Labs is Sweet! Delivered in just X Days!!! See Pics!

    So I was Curious about GR's Domestic Line Androgen Labs and I Finally made up My mind about it since I really Hate the long wait from international orders since they spend several days at ISC and I'm a bit Impatient! I was Amazed of the packaging and Delivery Time. It only took X days to arrive...
  13. Beast_Mode

    Cycle Advice - Sust/ Tren A/T-Bol

    What's up my fellow gymrats? I am putting together my next cycle, which is in itself is very exciting. Wanted to get some veteran opinions on a few things. Current Stats, 25 years old, 6'1, ~235lbs ( fluctuates daily) , 12 % BF (3 point caliper test) Cycle History: One long, fucked up...
  14. toxicflow

    Doesn't Lift. Takes Trenbolone. Starts Lifting. Four weeks later...

    Age: 24 Height: 5'10" Extreme Ectomorph Starting Weight: 132lbs End of Week 4 Weight: 151lbs Progress Pics posted. After browsing various steroid forums, I would often see people claiming you should lift for a certain amount of time before taking steroids. Also people claiming you shouldn't...
  15. N

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days.

    Synaptec Labs Trenatec A100 No Side Effects after 2 weeks doing 200mg every 2 Days along with 250mg of Test-E every 5 days and 80mg of Winnie ED. When I First tried Tren A by Genesis I would get Night sweats after a week and My heart would beat like crazy with only 100mg every 2 days But I have...
  16. R

    Test 402 and Tren-E 200 Cycle Help

    Hello everyone, first post ever so please forgive me if I do something wrong. I need your expert opinion on how to add Tren-E (200mg/ml) to my current Test 402 (Im trying to remember off my head, bottles not in front of me: 134mg/ml Test Propionate , 134mg/ml Test Enanthate, 134mg/ml Test...
  17. J

    Advice on my cutting cycle

    I have been training for four years now, this last year I started trying out steroid. My first cycle consisted of 500mg a week of test prop for 10 weeks, then my second cycle was test e 600mg a week with tren e 500mg, my stats are 190, 12% body fat, 24 years old, 5,10 My new cycle I want some...
  18. D

    Help with HCG/PCT

    Hey guys so my buddy needs some help with the cycle hes planning to start pretty soon here. Hes 26 yrs old, about 6 ft @ 180lbs (Ide say around 10% BF). Hes only done very mild oral cycles before and is now planning to do his first legit cycle which will be Tren + Test Prop. Hes gonna start at...
  19. Gaige21

    Aplha male pharma

    Debating wether or not to try their stuff. Anyone have real experience with it? No reps, Please.