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  1. M

    New Guy

    Hey everyone. 44 yo male. Been on TRT since I was 33. Been on a few cycles the last few years. Currently on 700mg test e, 250mg Deca, 200mg Tren E, 150 Tren A weekly. On week 5 of cycle.
  2. S

    Anabolic steroid for body recomp for overweight (borderline obese) person

    Hi, I am borderline obese, and have been doing resistance training since over a year. I am trying to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. But I have lost only very less fat and gained very less muscles, even though it's over a year of working hard. I am thinking of starting a steroid...
  3. B

    Tren/Test Cycle

    Ok this is my first post..... I've trolled around her for awhile but hoping can get some advice. Quick stats I'm 56 (yeah I'm old) and currently about 15% BF. Have done a few cycles when I lived in Thailand and have some stupid experience with Tren where I ended up with the scary effects like...
  4. Alquh

    Third cycle - need a lookover

    Hey all. This will be my third cycle. I'm looking to add Tren for this next cycle. Stats Age: 29 Height 5'11" Weight: fluctuates between 180-183 Bodyfat: 18% Goals: Lower bodyfat and gain some muscle definition 1st cycle (was a newb and was just testing the waters) 8 weeks 250mg Test-e 1x...
  5. S

    Test/Tren Ace dosage still suggestions???

    First time using Tren and decided on Tren Ace. Currently cruising on 200mg/sust a week. What would be a good standard dosage if I pin the Tren A 3 times a week. Also what dosage should I keep the sust at throughout the duration of the Tren cycle? Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks in...
  6. F

    Cutting cycle purchased through PharmaComstore

    Start date 02/01/19 Weight 81kg / 17.5% body fat (using an electronic scale which I know is 100% accurate but would at least show progression) Dosages Test e 400mg x 1 ml per week Tren e 200mg x 1 ml per week (Both Dragon pharma branded from PharmaComStore) 09/01/19 Weight 82.3kg...
  7. M

    Tri tren cyp and anavar cycle

    Hi after some advice on best way of taking I'm going to run a 12 week cycle of 500mg test cyp 400mg tri tren and 100mg anavar currently 12 stone with 9% body fat,is there anything you would change or add familiar with the cyp and tri tren never tried anavar before?any advice welcome
  8. F

    My pharmacom cycle log - enjoy :)

    Hello everyone, I will be updating this log over the course of the next 10 or so weeks in order to document my experience with Pharmacomstore.ws Let me start off by saying a little bit about Pharmacom, Growing up, I was always taught that "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"...
  9. Wing187

    Tren alternatives?

    Looking for some ideas. Obviously nothing can compare to tren. My body literally transformed in front of my eyes. But I am so fuckin angry on it, promised myself I wouldn't run it again. What's some stack ideas with similar affects? Thinking maybe NPP and Mast.? Ideas please...
  10. CavabangaKarl

    Provi vs Test

    Just a question guys. I've heard that possible when you run Tren you can use Provi in a place of Test, because it helps to libido and is near an oral version of dihydrotestosterone, which has no water retention and aromatase. How much that real?
  11. G

    Personality changes

    Hi guys (and girls) LONG POST ALERT I currently live with my partner who is a steroid user and I have some concerns which I wanted to clear up through here... Firstly, I'm not entirely naive. I dated steroid users in the past. When I met my current partner I asked him what he was running (I...
  12. B

    Rapid Muscle Loss During PCT

    Hi This is my first post so apologies if it is in the incorrect section or there is some required information that I leave out. Basically my problem is that after I completed a 12 week cycle of test e and tren e, I have been losing muscle rapidly, my energy and motivation are low, and I find...
  13. B

    New and need some help

    What's up yall I recently moved to a new area and and got back into hitting the gym regularly. I have take a few cycles before of test E and Deca but never with the regularity I should have. Now that I moved I also no longer have access to getting juice from any other source than the internet...
  14. D

    Sleep issues on tren

    Hey guys, Been on my cycle of tren for a few weeks now (tren ace 50mg EOD) and I'm getting that tren-somnia garbage again. I've had a BUNCH of buddies try this product called "Keep Dream-IN" by Integrity Nutrition and they SWEAR by it for tren issues (a few also claim it helps with their PTSD...
  15. Durr

    Cycle critique?

    Just want verification Weeks 1-12 test 300 wk 1-10 tren e 400wk (600) 5-10 hcg 500mcg wk 2-11 caber 0.5 wk 2-14 exe 12.5 eod adjust per labs (Week 6 labs) 5-11 var 80 ed Wk 6 blood work Wk 14-18 pct nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Taurine, niacin, water, diet. Hgh? Wk 6-10 and...
  16. T

    TREN! Opinions.. doses..

    Alright so I'm the go big or go home type, and it's no different with my gear protocol. What's your tren sweet spot? Why? What works best for you? ED pins? EOD? E2D? Personally my sweet spot is 100mg ED. I get strong as an ox and see changes daily. I've went as high as 1050mg total tren ace a...
  17. T

    Hello brothers of Iron

    I'm new to the forum but not new to steroids! Seemed like a great place to be with no shortage of information, so here I am! Stats: 28yo, height is 5'11", body weight fluctuates around 200-205lbs. Pretty lean, no sure what my BF % is.. I consider myself sort of a "power-builder". I love...
  18. I

    My dilemma need advice ASAP

    So I have this problem, my 8 week NPP/test p bulk cycle was suppose to end the last week of March, however my supplier didn't get me the gear on time so I had to start late and it ends week after next so I've been on for 6 What the plan was to end the bulk cycle in March and wait till June and...
  19. Kungfu_0691

    Can anyone help?

    This is the first time I'm having to find a supplier because I'm usually local. What reputable source would you guys recommend and how do I get in touch with them. Any help is appreciated
  20. cowleygains

    PCT with HCG and clomifene citrate

    Hey everybody, i appologise if this is already covered, i tried reading other PCT posts, but couldnt work it out to apply to my cycle Ive got roughly 12-14 days left of a test prop (580mg/wk) and tren ace (480mg/wk) pinning every 2 days masteron and dbol were in the cycle earlier, but i dropped...