1. K

    I need help on my cardio majorly haha

    ok I'm gunna be the first one to admit that I don't do as much cardio as I probably should/need to do. Everything's been great in the gym and then hockey season started. I feel like I've put on so much muscle and some fat (from bulking) that my body has to carry that much more weight and it's...
  2. K

    Endurance training on a bulk cycle

    Hey guys, I'm about to be starting a bulking cycle with sust, d Bol and winstrol. I know that this cycle is more aimed at bulking and less endurance training but I know it is possible, it will just be difficult. I'm wondering if I am doing a lot of endurance training (cycling , running, for...
  3. J

    Top 10 Workout Tips to Get Ripped

    strength and build the muscles Keep the workout time short Use many reps and increase intensity Vary the rest time between the reps rely on free weights and dumbbells cardio workout Focus on a good form and muscle building Know your body type plan of training Notes of your workouts and the...
  4. C

    Fatty Still Lose Weight, Just weight lifting?

    I'm not really a fatty but I'm not at 15% either (ok, f it I'm a fatty. anything over 15% prob considered fat, so sure, I'll claim it). Problem is with working full time and doing hardcore BB 4x a week, plus other shit like inversion table for my spine, sessions of stretching (again for my...