1. S

    What do you think about my blood work results?

    Just got them this week even were done a month ago. The results are in the attachment. ME: Male / 37 yo / 225 lbs / 6'1" / 25% BF / never done TRT or steroids Previous total T was 337, don't know previous free T. It was about a year ago. Since then I've been taking everything possible...
  2. A

    Blood work help

    I was using Nolvadex+Clomid after my 500mg Test E cycle, Got back my LH & FSH But my LH is high now, any idea how to lower it? Is it a matter of concern and should i stop the pct now?
  3. A

    Bloodwork, need help in pct

    This is my bloodwork, It has been 1 month since my last pin and i've started my pct 2 weeks ago, I was taking 500mg Test E/week for 4 months I've been doing 20mg of nolvadex/day during the last 2 weeks But my testosterone is still dropping and my lh,fsh is almost shut down My testosterone total...
  4. A

    [Blood Work] How can my Testosterone Total be +800 3 weeks after my last pin?

    I was using Testosterone Enanathe 500mg/week, pinning twice a week for 4 months 14 days after my last pin i started using nolvadex only, I used it 10mg for 5 days and 20mg for 2 days My early bloodwork had high testosterone for sure, but now it's still high How is it possible? i did bloodwork 5...
  5. N

    Extreme High Estrogen levels on blood tests

    Hi guys, I’m going to explain my situation and not sugarcoat anything here. So basically I have been using Tren/ Testosterone for several years now since my accident of getting hit by a truck on my motorcycle when I was younger. This sped up the process of things, with having two spots on my...
  6. tatertot

    Lab results - Any feedback appreciated!

    Hey everyone! Looking for some feedback on recent labs. My TRT/HRT dose is 200mg/wk and I feel good. Gym 4-5 times a week, have fairly clean diet, hydrate, etc. Never run a 'cycle'. Only on Test now. Some of my values were out of range. If any more knowledgeable folks could chime in, I'd...
  7. C

    My First Cycle: Experience With Pharmacomstore

    My first time buying aas was uncomfortable to start, as I had no experience with what was legit or not. After searching through forums, I came across and from there discovered Pharmacomstore. I researched thoroughly and planned out my order from them for a few weeks in advance just...
  8. D

    First Cycle + Bloodwork Question

    What’s up guys, I am new to this forum and it seems this forum has everything I need. I have never done a cycle before but I have been reading up on it and my plan is to do Test E 250 mg Monday morning, thursday evening Arimidex .5mg every 3 days for 15 weeks PCT Nolvadex 40mg daily first 2...
  9. AceLabs

    PrivateMDLabs Coupon Code - Save 15% on Bloodwork!

    Guys, As you know, baseline and cycle bloodwork is important. Save 15% on any testing with - ACE15 - by PrivateMDLabs - There is no expiration date and you can use as many times as you need. Cheers, AceLabs Team
  10. D

    4/5 months enough for rebound?

    Hello, going to keep this short and sweet. will blood work return to normal ranges after 4/5 months for this cycle 30 mg tbol 6 weeks normal liver supplements 4 weeks 20 mg nolva? would normal blood work be normal after this time range? Where they could not rule out AAS due to a cause? Thanks