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sustanon 250

  1. R

    Noob with murdered joints - help!

    Hi all—new to AAS and this forum. Tons of great info here, and I’m looking for a little more. 5’11” 210lb 42 yrs old. Dad-who-obviously-works-out bod. Been on 250mg/wk of Test for 10 weeks, basically a high end TRT. My issue: my elbows and shoulders are fucking murdered lately. Would HGH...
  2. B

    Spectrum Pharma - Testo Mix 250 Lab Results

    Meant to post this last week but haven't had a chance. Got my lab work done about 3 weeks ago to see if I could start my new cycle coming up. Ended my last cycle at the end of September which included SP 250mg per week split up into 2 shots and have been just cruising with SP 250mg per week...
  3. D

    TRT - Sarms - Steroids

    Hi guys, I'm 46yrs old. 5'10. 285lbs 30 years weight training. Supplements: multi vitamins, fish oils, Amazing Grass super green food, choline and inositol for liver support and creatine, vitamin D3 and MSM. Never done steroids or sarms, only Just thought of doing it now as I am on TRT, have...
  4. D

    Sustanon flu

    Has anyone experienced this flu like symptoms from using sustanon. My first inj was last night 1cc of 250 sus and holy shit I feel like a freight train hit me. I've never used prop before only cyp. Any thoughts to this??
  5. T

    hey guys semi newbie 30 years old

    Ok guys so im 30 years old 5'10 160 and about 13% bf i dropped about 7 percent bf and 30 lbs recently so i can eat right and have no problem going to the gym and giving it my all.. just got ahold of some sustanon and some amiridex. also some anavar and clenbuterol for my friend... he chickend...
  6. BlizzardMan8890

    Sustanon 250

    Hey guys i have been lifting for a couple years but just got serious about 6 months ago. I have done some pro hormones ( epistane) and got really good results. Did a 3 week cycle and lost 7.5 lbs and gained back 7 lbs of muscle. Gained about 50 lbs in my bench and 200 in legpress. I am looking...