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  1. Ethan smith

    Neww to the forum side

    new here… Texas oilfielder here age 33. Started off with trt after 2 years of getting the run around from doctors. I mainly stick to trt and occasionally throw in a compound when I’m not working 100 hrs a week and seeing as gas prices are high there’s not much time off in the field rn. Just...
  2. S

    NapsGear. Professional Grade Gear

    When just first starting to be in the market for gear thinks can be alittle tricky, especially when you are unfamiliar with the market for it, and the array of different chemical compositions. There is one source in particular that deserves a standing ovation. If you are anything like me you...
  3. agfitness

    Favorite ANABOLIC BRANDS and Experiences

    Cio guys... I wonder your opinions about anabolic brands. At the past i always heard about the quality of "Balkan Pharma" but this year some professionals tell me that they ruined the old quality. Some others tell me "Generics Pharma" is so nice. Some others talk about "BVS Labs" or "Thaiger...
  4. agfitness

    OXANDROLONE should be used at first 6 weeks or at last 6 weeks ?

    Hi friends. In a cycle that involves (Testosteron Enanthate + Primobolan + Oxandrolone), Oxandrolone should be used at first 6 weeks or last 6 weeks? Which one will be better. I think i'll use at first 6 weeks to prepare muscles more durable and clean but i also think that i'll be more...
  5. C

    I am really a new member

    Hello everyone this is Abby from China, I am a girl, I like climbing, singing songs, and learning language. I can speak Korean, little English, Cantonese, 3 kinds of hometown language, of course Chinese ^^!!! it is amazing that use different kinds of language to say one sentence. I am a...
  6. C


    Hi there a friend of mine has got me some fat burners, Rexabol. I'm trying to find out some info on then. Do I need to take liver protection with these if so where can I get this from. Also is there any other medication I should take with these. Thanks
  7. T

    First cycle! Dbol and Test E

    Hi everyone. After a year of thought I have finally decided to do my first cycle. My cycle would include 30mg of Dbol a day for 4 weeks (10 in the morning, 10 mid day, and 10 before bed) and Test E 2 times a day for 10 weeks. PCT would be 15 days after first pin Clomid 100/100/50/50 My...
  8. A

    New member, need advice

    Hello all, I'm Jonas, I'm 17 years old, and have been training since I turned 14, with great progress so far aka beginner gains (from 5'9 135lbs to 6'1 210 lbs - bulking atm) - The last year and a half have been serious, with almost no alcohol, counting my macros, training 6 days a week etc...
  9. T

    First Cycle

    Hello this is going to be my first cycle of gear. I am totally new to all this I was just trying to get some opinions on where to start. I am looking mainly for strength and size gains but I don't need anything that will stay in my system for 3 months or over due to athletics. I've been training...
  10. J

    TD HGH 5 kits

    GR came through WAYYYYY faster than my last order through a different source. Took less than 2 weeks. Thanks GR. I will post pics asap, i am not home at the time of this post but i will tell you this, i did a 6iu injection around 8pm and i feel numb, in the hands arms and wrist. I feel...
  11. jozifp103

    (PuritySourceLabs) HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin NO PRESCRIPTION REQUIRED

    IN STOCK HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Provigil Human Chorionic Gonadotropin 5000 iu/amp + water solution HCG is clinically used to induce ovulation and treat ovarian disorders in women, and stimulate the testes hypogonadal (underproduction of testosterone) in men. This...
  12. F

    New to anabolics and this forum ... asking for a help on a SERIOUS matter as well

    Hi everyone. I am new to this forum and have never touched steroids as well. I am planning for my first cycle this summer. I have also made two purchases from the sponsors here. Age : 22 This is how i look right now I am a foreigner living in Finland and I don't speak finnish. Also I...
  13. W

    new to the forums... don't really know where to ask so please excuse me

    hey guys... looking for a little advice on a new stack... i have cycled with gear before but never to really cut.. my diet is in check to cut but I'm really just looking to see what else I can add stats: 6'3/229 lb/14.7 bf% 29 years old What I have and looking to do test e 300/ 600mg per...
  14. M

    First Cycle of Anabolism Steroids - Please , Help !!

    Hello , I have been reading online threads, watching documentaries and reading as much as i can on steroids from July 2012. I am 23 and i am 140 lbs and yes Sir i am an ECTOMORPH . I have been working out for past 2 years and i have gained 20 pounds muscle to my total weight. Initially in...
  15. R

    Oral steroids

    What is Oral Steroids and it's Use. Steroids (also referred to as cortisone or even corticosteroids) are human hormones that happen naturally in the body. Steroids decrease irritation, suppress the body's defense mechanisms, block DNA from being produced, along with block a chemical substance...
  16. T

    Mr Swoll

    Sup my dudes, i been on this BB game for about two years. Been through some cycles of gear. LOVED the feeling and the gains i got from each and every single one of them! just recently i lost my source :/ bummer. Thats what brings me here to my fellow lifters and BB's. Dont go splurting out names...