testosterone enanthate

  1. T

    new here

    hello! Just wanted to quickly introduce myself! I have been lifting wait for quite a bit now. i am in my mid 20's. I did a Testosterone cycle 2 years ago and it really helped develop my legs. I try to train as much as i can. Lately i've been on the arnold shwarzeneger training routine begginner...
  2. jaxxtx

    New to Anabolics...literally. Please Help

    Hey! I'm pretty new to supplements period. Just stated first cycle ever of some oil based test. Made me sick and sore after every shot ... worked good though for the most part. 5 shots total only did about 5cc total. Wanted to know is it normal for the sickness or should I be more selective...
  3. J

    Need first cycle advice please!!!!

    Ok guys so I need some help with my first cycle.... The web can be very overwhelming with various buckets of information, suggestions and full of people who THINK they know whats best for you comments. But here we go!!!! I can get my hands on legit gear from a buddy at my gym who has played the...
  4. E

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