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testosterone enanthate

  1. Phill

    Euro-Pharmacies PSL TRT PLUS

    Praise to this excellent product
  2. F

    Test, Mast, Trembo. Anestrozole and clomid on cycle.

    I have recently started a cycle of 250 Test Ester weekly , 35mg daily 300 Masteron weekly, 45mg daily 250 Trembo weekly, 35mg daily I inject every morning at 0700 Looking at 12 weeks. I know the doses are low but this my first time stacking. I have a script for 50mg clomid per day and...
  3. grAnabolic

    SP Laboratories Testosterone Enanthate + Janoshik Report

    +1 Fresh report from Janoshik arrive ... :
  4. jozifp103

    2ND HALF - Touch Diggity-Down! - Purity Source Labs (PICS)

    Here is the sequel to my first post. Had to split this order due to the size so here's the 2nd half! 10 - Euro-Pharmacies Sustanon 250 10 - Euro-Pharmacies GHRP-2 Let's get to fucking work!
  5. jozifp103

    Touch Diggity-Down! - Purity Source Labs (PICS)

    Believe it or not this was only half my order. More on the way very shortly. For now, here's this half with a nice waterfall backdrop :).
  6. GottaGetGains

    Very Impressed! First injection ever and I chooe PSL!

    Chose PSL for my first cycle. Test-E. Just did my first injection ever. It was smooth. I rubbed it for about 5 mins after as well. No pain. Not yet anyway. Was scared I may have pip because its a virgin muscle, but all is well currently considering as I type I just did this injection 30 minutes...
  7. E

    First cycle test e. Is an AI required for an ectomorph?

    Hi! My name's Jonesy, I'm 26 and I’m going to start my first cycle. 400 mg test enanthate per week (injection on Monday and Thursday 0.65 ml (195 mg) per shot) for 12 weeks. PCT 10 days after last injection: week 1: Clomid 50 mg, Nolva 20 mg week 2: Clomid 50 mg, Nolva 20 mg week 3...
  8. D

    Test E, T-Bol, GW 501516 (Cardarine), MK-677 (Nutrobal, Ibutamoren) STACK

    I am going to start a Test E cycle at 500 mg a week for about 12 to 14 weeks with T-bol for the first 6 weeks. I'm not using the t-bol as a kickstart per say but mostly because it will enhance the testosterone usage more than anything else because it allows more free unbounded testosterone. I am...
  9. F

    Euroanabolics help. Any info please

    So I am wanting to know if anyone has any info or exp with euroanabolics.com. My source (in person) has moved away so I am forced to go online. I have a friend's who gets stuff from these guys but I don't want to throw my money away. Any info would be a great help.
  10. K

    Is My PCT Plan good enough?

    Hi everyone, This is my first post on this forum. After a few weeks of extensive research on testosterone supplementation, I have made the decision to run my first cycle. This cycle will only consist of Test E, at 500mg split into two doses each week, for eight weeks. Followed by PCT for a...
  11. H

    First cycle (thinking about solo)

    Hey guys, First of all, Hello, just registered here, hope you're good with that heh So back to the business... Could you help me with an advice? I'm planning my first cycle ever and first of all I thought to do a cycle based on Test-E + Dnbol + Nolvadex as PCT, then decided to start from...
  12. W

    first cycle test enanthate help (sore nipples)

    I'm nearly 5 weeks into my first cycle of test enanthate and I'm starting to experience sore nipples. I have some nolva on hand and an A I but I feel like this A I sucks. Anyone have suggestions and/or know where I can get some legit arimidex? All positive feed back is helpful. Nipple are...
  13. P

    Second Cycle

    Age: 20 Weight: 93kg/205lbs Height: 6'0" Ive been training for 4 years and no how to eat and train properly. I am cutting at the moment was weighing 100kg/220lbs at 15% bodyfat 7 weeks ago now down to 93kg/205lbs around 10% body fat but when I finish cutting in about 5 weeks im looking to do a...
  14. E

    Steroid stack

    Hey forum, I am going to start my first steroid cycle as soon as I get my pct which will be nolvadex, my stack will consist of winstrol oral, test E 250 following nolvadex. I was going to see if I could get advice on how to cycle that stack. I am 18 years old, I workout 5x a week at high...
  15. B

    New dude intro

    I have been lifting 3 years and my stats are 5'8" 174lbs 44 yrs. I just began my 2nd AAS cycle today and the layout is 1-4 Dbol - 40mg ED 1-12 Deca 300mg - 2x150mg EW caber - 0.5mg once or twice a week 1-14 Test E 500mg - 2x250mg EW 1-16 Adex - 0.5mg EOD HCG - 250iu 2x week PCT 17-20...
  16. T

    new here

    hello! Just wanted to quickly introduce myself! I have been lifting wait for quite a bit now. i am in my mid 20's. I did a Testosterone cycle 2 years ago and it really helped develop my legs. I try to train as much as i can. Lately i've been on the arnold shwarzeneger training routine begginner...
  17. jaxxtx

    New to Anabolics...literally. Please Help

    Hey! I'm pretty new to supplements period. Just stated first cycle ever of some oil based test. Made me sick and sore after every shot ... worked good though for the most part. 5 shots total only did about 5cc total. Wanted to know is it normal for the sickness or should I be more selective...
  18. J

    Need first cycle advice please!!!!

    Ok guys so I need some help with my first cycle.... The web can be very overwhelming with various buckets of information, suggestions and full of people who THINK they know whats best for you comments. But here we go!!!! I can get my hands on legit gear from a buddy at my gym who has played the...
  19. E

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