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    𝕄𝕂𝟞𝟟𝟟 𝕗𝕠𝕣 $𝟛𝟛 - ᴹᴷ⁶⁷⁷ ᶠᵒʳ $³³ - 𝐌𝐊𝟔𝟕𝟕 𝐟𝐨𝐫 $𝟑3 M̶̗̺̬̝̬̻͊̾͐͐͋̽͝K̸̨̙̯͙̔ͅ6̶̝͖͕̱̰̟̰͎̪̮̾̎͋̈́̌7̴̬̟̟̫̠͉̯̺͂̓̈̾͐ͅ7̵̣̭͉̦͎͚̖̫̺͐͌ ̵̬̖̺̝̻̝͌̕͜͝f̸̡̰̫̯̫̪̬̀̒̔͛̀̊̿͊̈́̕ő̶̧̮̣͓͕͇̖̀͜ŗ̶̫͓̘͚̙̞̀͊̋͐ ̸̧͈͎̳̰͉̻̀͌̓́͆̀̂̈́̀͘$̷̟̺͚̼̹̥̳̍̾3̴̧̧̨̛̘̗͚͚̍̽̇̏͆͌͜3̷̦͓͗͐̿̊̈́̔͛̈̚ $33 a bottle...
  2. R

    HGH needed and was looking for help

    Hey guys I just had need surgery and they removed a lot of cartilage removed would like some help on which source is good on here. I know of domestic supply ws Ive seen UNCLERU AND HELP SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE GREAT. Was looking at Gentropin pens they seem to be around a lot now the go quick pen...
  3. P


    Just started on TRT6months ago and absolutely love it and I’m very interested in HGH but know nothing about acquiring it online there r so many sources but not sure which one to go with any advice would b appreciated
  4. F

    Hgh Peptides better?

    I'm new to this peptide thing and hgh. I have a friend that had that and was happy and saw great results from it. I'm still doing research on it. It seems like it promotes your gland to produce more high than shutting it down and synthesizing, instead. I'm trying test e 250mg at half a cc a week...
  5. Rowads

    Hgh & hcg

    Can someone offer some source or reference to injection, location, and quality?

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  7. T

    Quality HGH source for this poor ol dude! lol

    Aloha bro & broetts, Looking for the best quality hgh & bacteriostatic water products & sources for a reasonable price. I’m so paranoid about putting stuff in my body. I would like some info on different quality domestic suppliers, so that I may make an educated decision. I mean across the...
  8. Z

    HGH and T4 question

    Got a friend whose looking to aquire some gear and wanted to know what dosage for HGH and T4 daily should be kept for good growth. Or if someone could point me to a thread with this info. And also, has anyone tried this brand? Any info and direction would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks.
  9. V

    Another new guy. Interest in healing serious sciatica & gainz

    Sciatica. Terrible sciatica. I'm 26 and feel 70. No doctor, I don't think a 7th round of physical therapy is gonna help. Yoga kinds helps a little, but the results are "better" at best, but never good. I have read some research peptides and HGH have proven helpful for people with spinal...
  10. Kingsranger

    Humatrope/Norditropin help

    Ready to start my first cycle and have decided on either humatrope or Norditropin. Best place to get it for reliability and legitimacy?
  11. Kingsranger

    Greetings and advice welcome

    Good day to you all! I am going to give a brief synopsis of what I am doing physically, what I have done, and what I would like. I am 28 years old, 6' tall, and 225 lbs. I bench 300(used to be 350 but lost those gains due to shoulder injuries in college football. I still squat over 500 and...
  12. R

    How to find best/cheapest place to test estrogen and prolactin

    I've been taking 3 iu's of HGH for the last 3 months. When I moved up to 4 iu's a day I noticed that my nipples got sore and yesterday I noticed a small bump under my nipple. I've heard that most gyno while on HGH is caused by prolactin and not estrogen as is common with AAS. This brings my...
  13. Giantlab-Albert

    Giant Lab

    Buy peptides&HGH: https://giantlab.net/ Contact me: Albert@giantlab.net Check sponsor subforum: http://www.anabolicsteroidforums.com/forumdisplay.php/233-Giant-Lab

    PureTropin Review

    One of my long time PT clients will be running the orangetop Puretropins for a few months starting this week. He said that his Communication with IL and the overall experience to date was very good. T/A acceptable. Anyways I will be gauging his progress and will comment on anything we notice...
  15. X

    Eli Lilly Humatrope 72iu HGH - How to use

    Hey all, looking for some advice from experienced members here. I have the 72iu of Eli Lilly (two kits which I intent to use within a period of 12 to 14 weeks. My question is, is there any particular safety precaution when it comes to saving the HGH once it is constituted, in order to ensure it...
  16. F

    Eurotropin HGH

    I just started 2iu of Eurotropin this morning. I have never ran GH before, and the reason I am using it is to try and speed up the recovery process from shoulder injuries. Has anyone used Eurotropin from PSL lately? I will be getting bloods again after 30 days. Here is my before blood work. I...
  17. bearjew10

    Need some advice, Thinking about buy a few kits of HGH

    Hey guys, relatively new here. Been running cycles for 3 years but never thought to go on forums until recently because of my research on HGH. Recently started HGH and i'm stuff from TheGrayTop branded generic. I don't know how good the stuff is that I'm on and I don't wanna deal with getting...
  18. B


    Hi everyone. Yesterday I was finding some information about human growth hormones. Was interested what the difference between HGH and Steroids, and what the best fits me. I found one source with the great article about it. There as a lot of useful information as well. Check this out...
  19. AceLabs

    HGH Tested independently by Janoshik at 99.72% Purity!

    ASF! Here are the results from Janoshik - as a service to our clients. According to Janoshik himself - "The sample you have sent me is of extremely high purity and very low dimer showing that it's very high quality HGH" - quoted with permission. Cheers, Bones
  20. AceLabs

    GMP HGH Serum Results!

    ASF! A client emailed this and gave us permission to post. Cheers, Bones