1. N

    hgh suggestions?

    Any sponsors to recommend for hgh? thanks guys!
  2. shq87

    Legit HGH

    Can some one help me :( ? I am looking for a legit source to by hgh. Don't want chinese scamers to take my money and send my Mike changs red water instead. Please reply or PM me if you have tried it from a legit source. Thank you
  3. JFuerte


    Hey ladies and gents. I am pondering something and i need your help. I am torn between finishing my sleeve tattoo by a well known artist or getting hgh by a rep here who has good HGH. i really want my tattoo but i am so curios of trying hgh. what should i do and what do u? BTW i am running a cut...
  4. breakbones

    New GR Member

    Greetings, I would like to introduce myself as "BREAKBONES' NPC Bodybuilder. PLEASE UNDERSTAND AND CONSIDER THIS A LOG RANGING FROM: 1. ORDERING EXPERIENCE 2. COMMUNICATION 3. DURATION IN TIME FOR PACKAGE TO COME 4. Porn shots 5. And a detailed log from my current "about" to star 1 year cycle...
  5. J

    Info on HGH vs Peptides

    Hey Everyone - I have been surfing through the endless amounts of great information on this board. I am still a bit confused about the differences and advantages/disadvantages of HGH vs the plethora of peptides out there. Does anyone have links to articles or specific threads that address these...
  6. E

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    Check our new products out! Expopharm.com, the leading company in Anabolic Steroids Products in the market, introduces two new items: KIGTROPIN: The HGH of the future, is now available in expopharm.com 10 I.U. - 10 vials ~ price: 250 euro CIDOTESTON:Cidoteston is an equivalent of Testosterone...
  7. B

    gh / test cycle - need advice!

    Hello All I am a newbie and would really appreciate some advice: I have been on a low-level hgh (2iu;s a day -- 5 on 2 off) and test (approx 100 mg a week) cycle The results have been quite erratic - at times I feel strong and at times it drops - I have been on this for about 3 months - my...
  8. Arnold

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    Testosterone Replacement Therapy You say you want some information about test therapy and it's benefits? You say you haven't found any articles or studies? Well bunky this is your lucky day. Boy did you come to the right place or what. As men age past year 40, hormonal changes occur that...
  9. liquidmuscle1

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