1. B

    Orals Only: Dbol, Anadrol Can I take them by themselves?

    I've taken about 4 mini cycles, meaning when the package runs out, of Anavar (Oxan) made by Geneza. I was considering bumping up to some other oral but here's what I won't do. I'm not pinning myself for anything. It's completely unnatural to me, but you do you, no judgement. The Question: Can...
  2. J

    TestE/Dbol Cycle - Welcome To The Darkside

    Good morning/afternoon/evening everybody, I started this thread in the Anabolics section and was recommended to start a new new here, here’s a link to the start of it and I’ll be updating regularly between experiences of all kinds/thoughts/etc. This is also for those that either never injected...
  3. J

    Test-E / Dbol cycle

    It’s officially official just joined the dark side as of yesterday and other than slight soreness, 1st time injecting (to be expected), despite a fear of needles kinda wishing I did this years ago when I was running orals only. Yesterday: 1ml - 250 test e 30mg dbol I went slowly during the...
  4. N

    My first cycle.

    I'm 40. My friend has accomplished great things using gear while I've only ever worked out natty. I did a bunch a research and finally got a cycle together. 450mg test c/ week at 12 weeks. With a 25mg per day dbol Jumpstart. My question is how do I know by feel, that I should start the aromasin...
  5. P_Labs

    P_Labs Dbol pics with test report!

    Results from our Dbol quality assurance testing. High quality pressed Methandrostenolone tablets available for purchase here: https://www.aporders.com Cheers, -PL :)🍻
  6. YourMuscleShop

    DIANABOL ( D – BOL )

    Do you want to use a steroid to boost your lean muscle mass, physical strength, and endurance? Dianabol is one of many anabolic steroids that can boost your performance and body composition significantly. The usage of the steroid Dianabol raises testosterone levels. It works by increasing...
  7. YourMuscleShop

    Dbol or Anadrol while bulking ? Cycle length ??

    Dbol or Anadrol while bulking ? Cycle length ?? Your Muscle Shop
  8. King of heartz

    Thoughts on Dianabol

    “Methandrostenolone does not react strongly with the androgen receptor[5], instead relying on activity not mediated by the receptor for its effects. These include dramatic increases in protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and muscle strength over a short space of time. {However, due to its mode of...
  9. C

    Deca Dbol Test E

    I have not started this cycle yet. Waiting for recommendations and still studying on things before I even attempt to start. Stats: 5'7 186Ibs, 28 years old. Last BF conducted on 12nov2020 was 21.6% Test 800mg/wk Deca 400mg/wk Dbol 40mg/ed Mon and Thurs is when I will do my injections. This...
  10. A

    NEW MEMBER ALERT! Mini Bio Included!

    Hey guys, I'm excited to have newly joined the forum! I am an up and coming bodybuilder, 24 years old... I have done a few test cycles, have found some bunk gear and have had some very good gear. I have messed around with some other things such as prohormones, dbol, and some natural test...
  11. L

    Cycle advise ? test/deca or test/dbol

    im looking for size and mass , for all you vets or have experience with these 3 compounds? whats better to go for for with my goals stated? test/deca? test/dbol? thank you in advance.
  12. B

    Deload Before Blast

    I am deloading for one week before my next blast. When training after a deload I start with low volume and work my way up to higher work loads. My questions is, during this low volume phase at the beginning of my blast, am I wasting the Dbol? Should I start the Dbol a few weeks in reap the true...
  13. J

    Need help on first Dbol cycle

    hey this is my first steroid cycle I did my research but I need some tips what you think of this. Week Dianabol Cardarine GW-501516 Aromasin N2Guard 1 25mgs/day 10mgs/day 12.5mgs/day 7 caps/day 2 25mgs/day 10mgs/day 12.5mgs/day 7 caps/day 3 25mgs/day 10mgs/day...
  14. B

    Excel pharma - Dianabol

    Just wondering if anyones got info on excel pharma's dianabol or xyenobol as they've branded theirs. Heard their products are big in the midlands in the UK. Need to know if their dbol is legit stuff.
  15. B

    Touch Down

    So my pharmacom goodies came in yesterday. As many, I was skeptical in ordering from an international website but after plenty of reviews on here and reviews on their website I pulled the trigger on my first big boy cycle. Placed my order on 11/9 and was delivered on 11/28 via USPS. I patiently...
  16. C

    Pharmacomstore review

    I'm mainly posting this because I chose to order from Pharacom based on reviews from this site and others. But I'm very disappointed with pharmacom. Shipping was not an issue, it took about 25 days and they sent a order confirmation and tracking number. However, when my order arrived it was in...
  17. J

    First Cycle Help - test prop fever

    Hey guys, Im 21, and I decided to hop on my first cycle, Weeks 1-4 taking 100mg of test p twice a week, and 20mg of dbol orals a day. Weeks 4-8 will be doing the exact same amount of test p and winny 20mg ed. My PCT is planned out already. I'm using the brand KeiFei Im a smaller guy so these...
  18. aceyyy

    Cycle Review and Critique!

    About to start a new cycle, wanted some opinions, and insight on how this cycle looks so far. Test Cyp-500mg/Weeks 1-14 Dbol-40mg/Weeks 1-4 Deca-400mg/Weeks 1-12 Masteron-400mg/Week 9-14 Liv 52-2-4 pills every day/ Weeks 1-5 Arimidex-0.5-1 EOD/Depending on how I am handling sides HCG-500IU...
  19. Gokster

    1st cycle opinions please!

    Age 39 215lbs Bloodwork next week. Wanna order gear in meantime. Thinking of this thru pharma. Dbol 10mg/3x/dy Weeks 1-4 Test E 250mg 2x/wk Weeks 1-8 Hcg arimidex .5mg eod Weeks 1-8? Pct clomid 50mg/dy Weeks 10-12? No nolva or Asin from them yet. Will this work? What suggestions to the vets...
  20. T

    First cycle! Dbol and Test E

    Hi everyone. After a year of thought I have finally decided to do my first cycle. My cycle would include 30mg of Dbol a day for 4 weeks (10 in the morning, 10 mid day, and 10 before bed) and Test E 2 times a day for 10 weeks. PCT would be 15 days after first pin Clomid 100/100/50/50 My...