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purity source labs

  1. Doomsayr_x

    PSL is my lifelong choice!

    You can't beat the quality, prices or amazing customer service. I could go on and on. Vision is a great guy and was very helpful during my process. The guy knows everything you'd need to ask. I really do love this company and they have extremely fast shipping! Trust and believe PSL is the ONLY...
  2. Doomsayr_x

    looking for a PSL rep

    I just have a few questions that customer service couldn't help me with.
  3. Doomsayr_x

    Looking for help with PSL

    First I'm new so don't slam me too hard. I know that sometimes people can find help here. The instructions were very very confusing for how I had to write them. If anyone can offer any help or advice please message me. Please and thank you.
  4. jozifp103

    2ND HALF - Touch Diggity-Down! - Purity Source Labs (PICS)

    Here is the sequel to my first post. Had to split this order due to the size so here's the 2nd half! 10 - Euro-Pharmacies Sustanon 250 10 - Euro-Pharmacies GHRP-2 Let's get to fucking work!
  5. jozifp103

    Touch Diggity-Down! - Purity Source Labs (PICS)

    Believe it or not this was only half my order. More on the way very shortly. For now, here's this half with a nice waterfall backdrop :).
  6. Vision

    PuritySourceLabs.ru Source Checking & Discussion (Ask the community about us here)

    PuritySourceLabs.ru Source Checking & Discussion reviews Ask the community & members here at Anabolicsteroidforums.com about PuritySourceLabs.ru by just clicking below and get redirected to the "Source Checking & Discussion section".. The image below will automatically open a NEW thread in the...
  7. M


    Anybody else notice that psl site has been taken down. And they're not accepting emails either.
  8. Lean_N_Mean

    Puritysourcelabs great service!

    Bought two orders now from PSL and both were shipped very fast and the second actually arrived before I got my tracking number online. The Oils are very smooth and quality of gear is great! Highly recommend this site and want to say thank you for the very awesome communication and service from...
  9. R

    My leaking anus

    Mod edit: use your fucking brain before posting these threads.