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  • It's been a long time since ordering, and I did an order, but I can't for the life of me, find what hash # to send my bitcoin to. Thanks!
    If you go on to your account on the online store at www.PuritySourceLabs.ru
    You can click on payment options, then click on bitcoin and at the bottom it will show you how to find your hash number.
    If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to private message me.
    Greetings....I think this mode of communication is not private....remember I am a tech moron, LOL. I wanted to talk privately with you about the person I thought (I may very well be wrong....hence why I wanted to PM you) was the Pharmacon chef several years ago. Would you be so kind as to PM me and then I will PM you back. Oh, and thanks for being a very reasonable person.
    Hey Vision, can you PM me? I haven't heard anything about my order to PSL since sending in payment 7 days ago
    Just checking up on you..
    All is good now:)
    Thanks Vision;)
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    Right on, if there's ever anything you need please do not hesitate to extend yourself with reaching out, you can find me in private messages much easier, I rarely get notifications for messages on my profile.. ;)
    Sounds good.. if I don’t hear from them by Monday, I’ll send another message. Appreciate the supper and quick response
    Vision, what’s up man. Ordered PSL via website and sent bitcoins to PSL’s wallet. Sent confirmation to PSLs email, but I haven’t received a response yet. Can you PM me and I can give you the order number? Thanks man
    Hey! I’m about to make my first ever gear purchase and it’s going to be the somatropin 200 from PSL! I’m pretty excited but I’ve got some basic questions like how many needles I’ll need, what kind and how much bacteriostatic water to buy. You seem pretty helpful on the forums so I thought I’d ask you!
    Hey I recently made a order this friday.. will you guys send me any info in regards about shipping or when it ships? Thank you
    Hey vision,

    Placed an order on Saturday/Sunday and waited today to send the money through via PayPal option & it's been giving me an error. So I'm thinking it's not running again or down temporarily. So I'll be sending it through MG. What's the best option out of the names through MG? The Jacob Diehl name option was declined when I attempted the first time. Should I try one of the other two options?
    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Order: LNXEQEUWD Placed on 09/02/2017
    What does split packages mean. And am I supposed to email everytime I receive one for the next to ship or will they all be shipped
    Thanks for the swift response my guy. Not sure if you can find out the status of my order number KWSVOGOSZ & UIYXHIGPG
    Hey Vision, just curious if you know why domestic shipping has been so slow? Ordered on the 8th & it's almost 10 days & still hasn't shipped.
    Hey man. Im trying to order but how to get bitcoin. I am so lost on that. I got a wallet but how to load btc into it and how would i give it to psl because i dontbsee an order #. I would appreciate your help.
    Well on the website it said 50mg haha for $50 a pouch of 50. Am I not seeing it correctly?
    I have tried to contact via email but to no response. I'm new to ordering and def interested. I noticed the anavar 50mg/50ct was $40 while the 20mg/CT was $60. Is this a price error? Or is it safe to say it's correct and I can place a order? I live in Texas and heard the shipping is great and fast and highly recommended through you guys.
    I ordered from psl i am a long time customer my payment was picked up the site went down?? Will my order be delivered
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