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  1. L

    Really need an answer

    Hey y'all. I've been on for a few years now, but have always experienced PIP. The post injection pain is at times unbearable, to where the site is essentially a red balloon and I cant put weight on it. If I do glute, its days of struggling to get in/out of a chair or quad = limping everywhere...
  2. BadGas

    Pinning and pip issues .. Wrong gauge tip ???

    So this discussion comes up all the time about PIP and some of the causes of it.. Many of you pin quads.. like myself.. Because of scar tissue build up in my shoulders.. I stopped pinning my delts about 2 years ago.. and I do not pin glutes.. just quads.. Well.. I use to use 23g - 1in pin...
  3. C

    Crazy pip

    Guys, i had a CRAZY PIP yesterday with pharmacon tren ace ampules , never happened before... it was crazy , burning insideeeeeeeeee:thinking:
  4. insanemembrane

    PIP- Is it possible to get your body to adapt

    So I'm having an issue. I received gear from a very repitibule and highly recommended lab. 300ml TE. I am experiencing PIP. In my opinion it is not the quality of the product since the last time I tried to use the same weight, the same thing happened. At that time, I did think it was a quality...
  5. C

    Warming up vials

    I've read multiple posts regarding people warming up their vials by putting their vial in some warm/hot water in order to minimize pip. I usually put a small amount of warm water into a small bowl and leave my vial sitting in the water for a couple minutes. I was wondering if it would be bad...
  6. S

    How long before your next cycle ?

    Whats up guys ,, just was curios, whats some of the shortest time you waited, before staring your next cycle?:D