1. C

    Testosterone Ethanate

    Ok, this might sound dumb, but maybe someone. Knows . I’ve been doing injections for 3 years. HGH, TRT, Tren, Deca who knows what else. But during all that time I never had an issue. Recently I started using Ethanate, and every time 2 days later it feels like I got hit in the leg with a baseball...
  2. YourMuscleShop


    ACUTE MUSCLE PAIN AND DISCOMFORT? Yourmuscleshop has the best solution for relief. Try “Pain-O-Soma” Get relief from Muscle pain or other sports injury. Fast acting and long lasting relief. Feel more comfortable and relaxed. Visit our website- YourMuscleshop “A Premium Quality Brand”...
  3. M

    HCG & Sterile Water vs Sodium Chloride

    Looking for some advice... I recently started my first cycle under a seasoned friend's supervision, of test e300 and am taking hcg throughout my cycle as well. Last night I attempted my first hcg injection but broke the vial of sodium chloride so I used a bottle of sterile water instead. I...
  4. T

    Quality HGH source for this poor ol dude! lol

    Aloha bro & broetts, Looking for the best quality hgh & bacteriostatic water products & sources for a reasonable price. I’m so paranoid about putting stuff in my body. I would like some info on different quality domestic suppliers, so that I may make an educated decision. I mean across the...
  5. Sierra2500hd

    Hip Abductor Pain Syndrome - Training input needed

    I'm looking for input from the community for a female friend of mine non-aas user suffering from this diagnosis: Hip Abductor Pain Syndrome She is a fit individual at 40, 115lbs and utilizes cycling and yoga for fitness. Basically, I'm looking for reasonable targeted weight training exercises...
  6. cowleygains

    ToRip 301 serious after injection pain

    Hey, just a quick question lads, ive been cycling TORIPTEST P 100MG TREN A 100MG MAST P 100MG MTREN 1000MCG which is a rip blend by Apollo labs, ive been injecting in glutes and shoulders (rotating) 1.5ml EOD ive tried warming the vial up in nearly boiling water before injecting and...