1. tatertot

    Lab results - Any feedback appreciated!

    Hey everyone! Looking for some feedback on recent labs. My TRT/HRT dose is 200mg/wk and I feel good. Gym 4-5 times a week, have fairly clean diet, hydrate, etc. Never run a 'cycle'. Only on Test now. Some of my values were out of range. If any more knowledgeable folks could chime in, I'd...
  2. B

    LGD 4033 bloodwork

    Hi. Before I even post it. Is there any interest in seeing my before and week 5 of cycle test labs for the solo Lgd 4033 I'm doing. Shows the degree of suppression of this substance. So far did Week 1 2mg ed 2 5mg 3 5 mg...
  3. I

    Zen Labs LTD

    Hey Guys, Anyone heard of Zen Labs LTD? It seems like this is an UG in the Canadian market. Any experience with this oral/injectable gear?
  4. BadDevlin

    RBC Count - Donating Blood

    So I got lab results today and I'm wondering if I should donate blood. As I understand too high of RBC means the blood is basically too thick, which puts you at risk for clotting and whatnot. Also my WBC is high too, which I've read AAS can cause as well, but could also be an infection...