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  1. B

    3rd Cycle Critique

    I am planning my third cycle coming up here in the next month. It will be a short estered 10 week cycle, as I have a TRT follow up appointment which I need to be back at baseline for at week 14. My plan is to run 4-500mg Test P and 300mg NPP per week. Being this is the first time running NPP, do...
  2. S

    Test/Tren Ace dosage still suggestions???

    First time using Tren and decided on Tren Ace. Currently cruising on 200mg/sust a week. What would be a good standard dosage if I pin the Tren A 3 times a week. Also what dosage should I keep the sust at throughout the duration of the Tren cycle? Any suggestions would be grateful. Thanks in...
  3. B

    Low TRT Dosage

    My doctor recently prescribed me 100mg Testosterone Cypionate every other week. I have been following the doctors protocol to not mess up the blood tests he runs. After the first 3 months, I went in for lab work. My blood draw was 8 days after my last pin of 100mg, and my test levels were at...
  4. A

    Critique test tren eq gh cycle????

    e lurker first time poster here need some help regarding next cycle stats Weight: 105 kg/ 230 lbs Height :184 cm/ 6 ft Bf% never really measured it but I am fairly lean with veins running here and there around my abs lifting history 5 consistent years, 3 years as a natural 2 years enhanced...
  5. S

    beginners cycle

    im 23 6'2" 190lbs, looking to do a beginners cycle to gain lean mass with the least damage to my body. im not completely uneducated about steroids but can anyone help by putting together a beginners cycle for me? im looking for something only around 6 weeks and injectables. this would include...
  6. Archie2nd

    Testodex - dosage

    Hi, I have some questions but i don't know who to turn to: my doctor doesn't "understand" and nutrition specialist i don't want to show my face to... Long story short, I have used Testodex Propionate 100 (by Sciroxx) in the past and it worked great for me. I only used it 5ml shot a day and it...
  7. Sfw

    Ephedra sinica in powder form, dosing question

    Lets say one had (theoretically) ground up a bunch of whole herb ephedra sinica in a coffee grinder and it was now in powder form. How many mgs or grams of it would it take for an average dose? An Average dose should yield 20-30 mgs of ephedrine. So thats the question....
  8. S

    Help with cjc 1295 DAC stack w/ ghrp-2

    New member here, thanks for checking this. After doing research (and monetary research :P) ive decided to do this pair cycle. Im 22, so I already have decent GH production going on naturally, but want to optimize my growth. My questions are, first is the stuff from ironmag legit? the one from...
  9. B

    looking to do my first aas cycle

    im 6 feet tall 200 lbs bench 205 squat 245 deadlift 285 looking into doing a test cycle id like all the info i can get. im 25 been lifting seriously for three years now. im thinking its against forum rules to ask who to get them from so i wont do that. But all the info i can get would be...