Help with cjc 1295 DAC stack w/ ghrp-2


Apr 5, 2015
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New member here, thanks for checking this.

After doing research (and monetary research :p) ive decided to do this pair cycle. Im 22, so I already have decent GH production going on naturally, but want to optimize my growth.

My questions are, first is the stuff from ironmag legit? the one from their 'research' site store tab? If not, stop reading and tell me so I can cancel my order.. lol.

if its legit, then that leads me to dosing. I have not been able to find through hours of searching, anyone that described correctly how to actually inject it... Like I don't understand how to correctly dose the cjc out of the bottle... do i just draw it from the syringe?? or put the antibacterial water in the syringe first then draw it.. or something completly different..

As you can tell, im completely new to this. So any and all help is appreciated.

I am also wondering if you can take cjc with ghrp in one shot?

If anyone can help with a break down on how many mgs/ius to take and when (am, pm, food?) would be greatly appreciated. Im sure there will be others with the same question so hopefully this pops up on google and helps them as well.

Incase this helps:

Height- 5'10
weight- 170lbs
BF% about - 12-15%

Also, if you're some how here to lecture me on not needing it at 22, please, save ourselves both the time, and these forums the bandwith and not post.

Thank you so much in advance!

Stay fit, my friends.