cycle review

  1. T

    Opinions/suggestions/thoughts on first potential cycle

    Hey everyone! As the title suggests, I'm considering going on a cycle. I've seen multiple threads and forums on this site and others, but have gotten a lot of mixed results. I've also asked people from my gym who have been open about their steroid use as well. I originally considered hopping on...
  2. B

    Ultimate recomp cycle!!

    This is just for fun lol I like making cycles and think of what they would do. Here’s the ultimate 10 week recomp cycle lmao. Let me know your opinions Week 1-10 Tren ace-150mg eod Test p- 400mg eod Week 7-10 Winstrol-25mg Anavar-10mg PCT 5 weeks of 40mg clomid and 40mg nolvadex Mwahahaha
  3. T

    First time with T3

    What’s going on brothers, First post after my intro on this forum but not new to the game I’m currently cruisin on test e 250mg/week and decided to add some T3 in. The source where I have been getting my test unfortunately doesn’t sell t3 im currently 5’7 203 lbs 20%bf haven’t been on a...
  4. aceyyy

    Cycle Review and Critique!

    About to start a new cycle, wanted some opinions, and insight on how this cycle looks so far. Test Cyp-500mg/Weeks 1-14 Dbol-40mg/Weeks 1-4 Deca-400mg/Weeks 1-12 Masteron-400mg/Week 9-14 Liv 52-2-4 pills every day/ Weeks 1-5 Arimidex-0.5-1 EOD/Depending on how I am handling sides HCG-500IU...
  5. R

    Need adviice on adding HGH to cycle

    I ruptured my bicep tendon and had to get a cadaver allograph to repair it the tendon was to shredded to re-attach. I was out of the gym for 8-9 months and put on 35 pounds of unwanted fat. My friend recommended the following cycle to help me get back into shape I have a beach wedding in April I...
  6. G

    Testosterone&Boldenone cycle review

    Hello, This is my review of my third cycle and first with ! I'm a MMA fighter and i need to make a cycle to change my weight from lightweight to welterweight! Height: 5.6feet/171cm Weight: bevor cycle 163lbs/74kg after 177lbs/80kg Bodyfat: 8-10% watch the pic! Diet: per...