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Mar 12, 2022
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What is Dianabol?
The first oral anabolic steroid ever created, methandrostenolone, is known by the well-known brand name dianabol. Since it has been around for 40 years, dianabol is undoubtedly the most widely used steroid in bodybuilding.

Dianabol Usage:
D-Bol is used by many bodybuilders and other athletes to substantially boost lean muscle tissue, strength, and performance. However, this product has a lot more to offer than merely performance-enhancing effects. It is an anabolic steroid that promotes muscle growth and testosterone production while also assisting in fat loss.

Dianabol Benefits:
➢ Increased muscle mass
➢ Enhanced recovery
➢ Increased strength
➢ Increased protein synthesis
➢ Free testosterone spike

Dianabol Dosage:
FOR MEN: a dose of 15-30mg per day is standard for bodybuilders wanting to experience significant changes in muscular strength and size.
Gym-goers and bodybuilders coveting even bigger muscle gains, commonly take higher doses; ranging from 30-50mg per day. This is considered a high dose. Elite bodybuilders (IFBB pros) may take up to 100mg.

FOR WOMEN: Women can experience significant muscle growth on just 2.5mg-5mg of Dianabol per day. At this dose, women can often avoid virilization side effects, which are more commonly experienced at doses of 10mg or above per day.

Disclaimer: Above-stating content is provided for informational and educational purposes only. Before starting any type of program or treatment, it is advisable to seek advice from your health professional.

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