hGH and somatropin identification

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Nov 3, 2022
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We know hGH has great benefits: Increase exercise capacity; Increase bone density; Increase muscle mass; Decrease body fat.
Most hGH is made by recombinant DNA technology, so called Somatropin. It is a protein hormone consisting of 191 amino acid residues, and its structure corresponds to the major component of the growth hormone extracted from human pituitary glands. That’s why we can see "Somatropin" on the packing of most gh brands. also ppl call gh by somatropin.
There're too many brands of somatropin in the market. How to know which is good or not? we can test blood hcg or send to lab. but there're several simple ways I know.
1. Appearance. It is white lyophilized powder in a glass vial. color: white; if yellow or pale, not good. It is cake-shape, solid powder like a tight cotton. If it has crystal powder like snow, not good (with impurity or water when lyophilizing). picture attached. If it is too mch fluffy, fogging; not good(too much solvent or less contents when lyophilizing).
IMG_3010(20221116-152336).JPG QQ截图20221116152729.jpggood;
2. Purity. Most brands tell us 10iu or 8iu or 25iu; they are the acitivity of somatropin which is the effective component in the vial. It is important and more IUs more expensive. but don't saying the purity of powder. As US pharmacopeia USP29 method, the purity is good by 97% above. And good somatropin activity is above>= 3.0iu/mg. Which means, a vial has 10iu, the weight is about 3.33mg. We know some somatropin, activity is 10iu, weight is 3.8mg. Means the purity is less than 3iu/mg, so add more components in the vial to keep activity higher. but some makers have good purity by 3iu/mg, they put more components into vial like 3.8mg, to make the activity more than 10iu by 11-12iu. why? as the transport and storage will degrade the acitity, when customer gets the vials, still can enjoy a high IUs above 10iu. this is good. but low purity is not good. which means there's too much impurities in the vial. after injection, we may get pain or red swelling and Immune response.
So, use good purity somatropins.
3. Disslove and storage. after dissloved by sterile water or ba water, it is clean and no other color other than white. thats best. most, we store and transport by 2-8degrees from USP29 somatropin for injection. for raw somatropin liquid, it is -10 to -25 degrees.
4. Production.

first thread. thanks guys.