1. D

    Help in Aus

    Have been going through hours and hours of forums been burned a couple times for trying to find reliable … in aus, can anyone point me in the right direction private message anything
  2. A

    ******* Hormones Raws Source

    Hi,Dear Guys. This is Anna I'm a freeloading whore.
  3. N

    Looking for a solid source

    Hey everyone... Brand new here, I've read on this forum (and others) for a long time but I've never joined until now. On to my point... A friend recently got me into HGH. I was running a brand called Nuptropin. He raved about how solid his source was. I just placed my second order and each was...
  4. savampyre

    Starting my TRT adventure, need some advice

    Hi guys, been browsing these forums for about a year now and became a member last week. This board was my inspiration to go and actually get my levels tested, turns out I have the hormone levels of a castrated cat. Doctor started me on 250ml Test-Cyp/week and 200iu HCG every 3rd day. I've...
  5. H

    Clen source

    Just PM me. Trying to find some but he'll everything is dried up in the South right now. Any help is much appreciated
  6. Mr. T

    Looking for reputable sources for hcg

    Just like it says here, pretty new to the forum and only have gone through a few sources on here which didn't have it. Old source is gone. post or pm me. Looking for some reps to chime in maybe? need a good source for hcg.