source checking

  1. C


    Man just to say that Alan is the best in the bussiness super cool guy and patience .whenever i have question he answers right away ... appreciate you Bro. i have been dealing with him for years, i just hope he could have mores stock !!!!!
  2. R

    Anavar tabs

    Was going to order from MFL and apparently he went MIA so looking for anyone with experience on domestic anavar tabs. Need some more for contest prep. Any help is appreciated or experience.
  3. R

    My leaking anus

    Mod edit: use your fucking brain before posting these threads.
  4. B

    Olympus pharma

    yeah i know Olympus been gone for a while. just checking to see if they have a new name.. hey had great prices for their 50 ml jugs. as ican remember no one had 50ml jugs
  5. B

    riptropin rep homer kham

    Has anyone heard of him or done busines . With him? What do think of his prices on riptropin and hygetropin? His riptropin prices seems the best so far...
  6. Reps1965

    Just wanted to give props to MLG and their reps!!!!

    I screwed up on my order and MLG and the reps have been great. I have been doing business with these guys for two years and the customer service and products have always been top natch. I was missing info in my order like a dumb ass and MLG and bones have been great. These guys are a great...
  7. Reps1965

    MLG Time

    Excited for my order from MLG I love their sust 250 and Dianabol.... Shit just got way more easier now that they have PCT Just wanted to say thanks to the guys at MLG
  8. K

    The Challenge of Finding a Good Source

    I've been researching through other Forums, and of course I always seem to get in touch with someone that refers me to "their" preferred online source. After a bit of correspondence, it seems obvious that they are connected to the source or a rep, but that may not mean the product isn't good...
  9. D

    Best online source?

    My local source charges me pretty much triple the price on everything i wanna buy and even though the gear is always quality, i just cant afford paying that much anymore. Can any senior members recommend a good quality online source? Appreciate it :)
  10. B

    Olympus sale?

    Does anyone on here know if Olympus is having a sale on their gear?
  11. B

    apology to olympus

    Some of us on here owe Olympus and their reps a big apology for doubting their gear.because I received some jugs with a little cloudiness im them i panicked.if this happen to you,boil them for less than 10 minutes and no more cloud problem..I have in fact received gear in the past with some...
  12. B

    need viagra source

    can anyone direct me to a good domestic source with great prices for viagra?