proviron with tren

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    Summer shred

    What do you all think about this shred cycle?... 500mg/week Test E (testE already established) 75mg EOD Tren Ace 50mg ED Winstrol 20mg ED Var .5mg EOD Adex or 10mg (2×)week Aroma TAD600 (1×)week *considering adding proviron at low dosage* diet phase1 - 3,000cal/day. 300g protein, 200g carb...
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    ALL ABOUT "Proviron" and "Masteron" & some talk about - The benefits using with Tren... (REAL BLOOD WORK AND STUDIES) Proviron (A must have in your arsenal) PSL Proviron Review All about Mesterolone Proviron and being multipurpose to adaptable to just about any protocol as an all around clever and flexible benefactor. Truly! Why is Proviron simply the best thing ever when in terms to...