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new cycle

  1. sxboicexb

    Need Cycle Suggestions!

    I’m 21. Pushing 200lbs. Been working out hard for 2 years. 1 years experience with SARMs and Pro-hormones. Just finished my first cycle. Not impressed. Sustanon 350 and Var for 12 weeks. Var for 8wk. Really like the classic physique look. Goal is the shred up and see what muscle i really have...
  2. B

    New Man Here

    I thought I'd properly introduce myself to everyone. I am currently on TRT for kallmann syndrome. TRT dose is 50mg/week, which put me at 535 ng/dl 7 days after last pin. Stats: Height: 5 foot 6 Weight: 135 Age: 24 BF%: 6 Going to be running my first cycle soon and just soaking in all the...
  3. Gigshot

    How do I start this?

    So just to start this off I am that “New Guy” and this is “That Post” in two ways. One being I saw that new guys are directed at saying hello and posting a introduction in the new guy forum and my curiosity in trying to get a feel for it when reading my first new guy thread a dude introduced...