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Feb 22, 2019
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So just to start this off I am that “New Guy” and this is “That Post” in two ways. One being I saw that new guys are directed at saying hello and posting a introduction in the new guy forum and my curiosity in trying to get a feel for it when reading my first new guy thread a dude introduced himself and threw out his cycle and the first message was telling him to redirect here so I figured 2 + 2 makes 8 and I would just skip a step, pass go and start here with the fist pumping rookie new guy questions and lame intro’s and kill two stones with one bird. All jokes aside though as I get into the second part of this thread I am sure I am going to say something or have done something that will probably have a lot of you shaking your heads thinking “what an idiot, why would you do that” “are you stupid or something” but just remember I am a new guy and not trying to be ignorant or do anything dangerous, I just simply am not educated enough on the subject and just don’t know which has brought me here because I want to learn and do it correctly and safely.

I am a 37 year old male been passionate about working out and being in shape since high school sports (wrestling, football, baseball) have been natural up until last year and until then walked around at 185-“ish” as I was getting older I did notice lower T levels (without getting tested) and initially this journey began by looking for over the counter natural test boosters and I tried several, from GNC and Max Muscle. Oh shyt I lied I think I have done a cycle previously. Back in the military days there was this over the counter supplement you could get that I believe was banned within a short time, if anyone remembers back around 2004-05 some orals you could get called “On Cycle” I got two bottles of that and had some awesome gains. Anyways was taking natural T boosters and just was not impressed by any means and finally from a buddy was convinced to just go for the full monte and run some Gear. Spring 2018 I went on a 6 week cycle of Test-E 1.5 ml twice a week (not sure if this was the proper dose? Remember new guy idiot) felt amazing had some solid gains too getting up to 193 lbs, solid strength, felt solid. Took the summer off then last fall ran a cycle of Tren Ace 75mg - Drostanolone Propionate 100mg and Test Phenylpropiant 75mg those numbers are totals per vial and not dosage. I do not know anything about cycles but wow this was the stuff for me, just seemed to work incredible with me personally. I went from 190 to 215 had incredible growth and strength, I noticed towards the end I was having a little bit of a struggle with water weight but it was nothing serious and I was still able to maintain a 9% body fat. I was dosing 3 times a week 1.5ml Monday, Wednesday, and Friday alternating each injection on mid upper butt cheeks with a 1.5 inch 22g needle. The 1.5 ml injection was not of each product but a mix of the 3. I hope I did not do anything too crazy or potentially destroy anything. But overall just felt insane good like I was 10 feet tall and made of diamonds. I did not and have not ever done any blood work, I went in and had my liver and kidneys tested pre and post and everything checked out fine all normal levels. While I was on that cycle I was taking liquid raw milk thistle, milk thistle capsules, and a kidney blend cap of cornsilk, parsley, uva ursi, cleavers, cayenne, juniper, kelp, short buchu, and queen of meadow.

I Just started the same cycle again and was planning on running the same dosage and schedule. The last cycle I ran for 10 weeks and would like to run this one 16 weeks if that is possible or am I being an idiot for thinking that? This time around I am going to add turmeric, fish oils, and 5% nutrition liver and organ defender.

Again, I am sure I did something stupid or dangerous and incorrect and I imagine some of you outspoken kinds like me will be quick to let me know about it because this isn’t rocket surgery, I just don’t have any experience so at-least if you are going to watch me take a shot in the dark, point me in the general direction first, if not and If it makes you feel better go for it but make sure you add in some constructive criticism at the end so I don’t repeat any dangerous mistakes. Any suggestions to improve my cycle or change something up, add something in, or ANYTHING to help me improve and succeed then I seriously appreciate it.

Donski thanks for listening err reading the novel, I guess I better stick around for a book signing. Please leave your comments...seriously thank you.