1. N

    Another Refugee

    Hello! If you've been around on another aas forum (which was recently shut down), you may remember me as Naps Helper. I was previously assisting the Naps team with promos etc. Until admin approval and checks that I am part of the team (can be verified by @jasonhill800 and @nsupps, I hope to...
  2. C


    I've been using napsgear for close to ten years. I've ever had one problem with them nor have I ever had a seized package. The prices are insane and they always have deals. Im grateful for the phenomenal customer service as well, they always respond super fast.
  3. S

    NapsGear. Professional Grade Gear

    When just first starting to be in the market for gear thinks can be alittle tricky, especially when you are unfamiliar with the market for it, and the array of different chemical compositions. There is one source in particular that deserves a standing ovation. If you are anything like me you...
  4. D

    Rookie mistake? Napsgear... please help.

    I just made an order with napsgear and sent money gram last night. Should I stop payment? I thought I did a lot of research. I've seen a lot of people saying it was legit but now I see a lot of people saying don't do it. This would be my first cycle. Please help and if you know a legit place to...
  5. J

    Naps Gear Review

    Tonight I wanted to give my account of my experience with naps as a woman. I have ordered from naps once for myself and once for a friend. Both times, my experience was amazing. My order took a bit longer then my friends (whom I ordered for) but still arrived within 21 days. His arrived in a...
  6. P

    Napsgear shipping was badass, WAY faster than the first time 2 months back

    Look at attachment. Ordered July 19 paid via Bitcoins. They have two shipping methods to choose from, one is more expensive and faster, the other is cheaper and slower, I am not a billionaire, I picked the cheaper slower method. was not disappointed at all with them!!!! My Order: 10 vials of...
  7. M

    Naps Gear cycle

    What's up guys first post. Wanted to give a review Of my naps cycle and it was nothing short of great all around. I'm 21 5'7 160 - 165lbs and have been powerlifting and reg lifting for about 7 years now. Ive competed in 3 different powerlifting shows and have state and regional records...
  8. M Review

    My fiance and I have used over the past year and have placed 3 orders. The site is very straightforward to navigate and is very well laid out. They have everything you need regarding Anabolics, Test, HGH, HCG, PCT Products, Peptides and more. My first 2 orders came through with no...
  9. macterthemartyr

    New here

    I honestly came here due to the fact naps is a sponser here. Also to explore the site and meet new people.
  10. footballfan81

    Came here because of a sponsor

    My last purachse from naps was another successful one. Really pleased with qualitiy and pricing.
  11. Z

    First order placed and received

    So I just received my first order from Naps. order contains: 4x Test E 200mg/Eq 200 mg Blend; Aromasin x2, Helios x2. From the date I sent the money to receiving was 11 days. I administered the first inj of helios after receiving and I must say it is def working. I will be starting gear cycle in...
  12. C


    So once again I ordered from napsgear and my order was delivered PROMPTLY. I ordered test c, clomid, nova, anavar, and t3. My results were amazing cutting with napsgear's products.
  13. B

    Naps Geneza TD

    Surprised that it is clear white, I thought it would yellowish.
  14. I

    Belief got the TD

    Was my first order. I was a little skeptic. But with so many positive remarks you can't beat not trying. Did a dummy test of that GP. Just little order to try out. Did the clen anda couple other things. Right now my normal hook up clen I do about 120 mcg. Just did 80 mcg today only first try and...