1. S

    Need help brewing L-Carnitine+MIC+B12

    Would someone be so nice and verify if I'm doing the right math and buy the right things? I'm new to this. Thanks Source Dose Amount for solution BAC Water link – 100 ml L-Carnitine link 600 mg/ml 60 g Methionine link 25 mg/ml 25 g Inositol link 50 mg/ml 50 g Choline link 50 mg/ml...
  2. Shlux

    500mg/ml L-carnitine homebrew

    Hey everyone. I found time today to do my 60ml L-carnitine brew at 500mg/ml and I think it turned out pretty well. I owe @01dragonslayer props for this one because I roughly copied his method. Supplies - 30ml sterile vials 100ml cylinder Stir rod 32ml distilled water .9ml BA 30g L-Carnitine...