1. A

    Intro to test

    Hello all, I’ve recently started looking into giving my self some test, just for quality of life purposes. I’m 25 about 165, 5’10” and eat a clean diet. Just no motivation to do anything really. No desire to have sex, kinda hate getting out of bed. My last test result for test was 629...
  2. D

    Hello Everyone 👋🏻🏋🏻*♂️

    Not sure what to say here, I'm a work from home, family man. Was skinny fat in my teens. Got into weight lifting (& great shape) in my mid 20's, though now I look look like a ham planet. New England based, stranded deep out here in so-called, "Bernie Country". Naturally, I'm already...
  3. D

    New here, but been around

    Seeing some familiar faces. Hope I can learn and contribute what I do know (mostly AAS) DrBeefcake777
  4. E


    Hey new member, I have always been interested in cycling since I started my weight loss journey at 18 went from 400+ lbs to about 220 from 18 to 22, currently peaked back up a bit since the military kinda sucks for meal prep overseas, but excited to learn. Also a new person question, my friend...
  5. Dozer


    Brand new here, although I been lurking The Forums for the past year. Did a Clen "cycle" last summer. Got lean, loved it, minus the shitty sleep. Looking to do something this year except protect my strength going into it/while on it. 6'0 212lbs B/S/D: 305/405/440 - Def not bragging...
  6. Jchylly

    J. Chylly up in here!!!

    wuz up guys!?!? I'm the new guy in town just introducing myself as suggested. If there is any questions for me I'll be happy to answer.
  7. O

    Hi there!

    Hello everybody! I'm so happy to be one of you. Hope to learn more as well as exchange ideas with you all. :clapping:
  8. T

    New Guy, Checking in...

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tony. Been training seriously for 3 years now. When I started I was 358 Lbs. and was out of breath crossing the living room. Im down to 246 and I hit the weight pile 6 days a week. Seeing some gains, and happy with my progress. Love...
  9. N

    Hello All!

    It is a pleasure to be a part of this community. I hope we will get the most out of this experience. See you On Board! EDIT: REMOVED LINK