1. S

    Need help brewing L-Carnitine+MIC+B12

    Would someone be so nice and verify if I'm doing the right math and buy the right things? I'm new to this. Thanks Source Dose Amount for solution BAC Water link – 100 ml L-Carnitine link 600 mg/ml 60 g Methionine link 25 mg/ml 25 g Inositol link 50 mg/ml 50 g Choline link 50 mg/ml...
  2. C

    I found a homebrewing guide

    I found this Steroid cookbook. Do you think its any good? https://payhip.com/b/HCbIA
  3. N

    Homebrew, where, and how?

    So I moved to a new state, dropped my old sketchy hookup. Now I can't find shit. I've done my research and done cycles, so I don't need advice on my cycle I know what I like and how i want to run my cycle. What I do want to know is, how hard to get into homebrew, and where can I even buy raw...
  4. Shlux

    500mg/ml L-carnitine homebrew

    Hey everyone. I found time today to do my 60ml L-carnitine brew at 500mg/ml and I think it turned out pretty well. I owe @01dragonslayer props for this one because I roughly copied his method. Supplies - 30ml sterile vials 100ml cylinder Stir rod 32ml distilled water .9ml BA 30g L-Carnitine...
  5. G

    Need help breaking down test c

    I used 2 ml bb. 2 ml ba. 25 ml grapeseed oil. 5 grams test c. I mixed the bb ba and test. Then added the oil and the test powder never broke down. Looks really milky. Can i still use it? How do i get the test to break down clear?
  6. T

    homwbrew Sust tweak

    Hi Guys could you please give me some advice and tweaks..on some homebrewing..happy to pay for detailed advice.. I'm making some sust 250 as I usually use Enanthate and want to change my next cycle.. Im used to making Enanthate and equipoise. And attempted to make a tiny batch of sust using...
  7. T

    Anavar Suspension Help

    Hi, I have some Anavar powder. I'm looking to make 50ml at 40mg per ml.. I have a few queries which im happy to pay someone to help me with as I want to make a batch ASAP and I have wasted money on a previous batch hat didn't go into suspension The recipe I used for 20mg/per ml was -1gram...
  8. T

    Homebrew anavar advice

    Hi Everyone really looking forward to joining the forum and for some interesting discussions.. I wanted to ask in this section if anyone had experience with anavar liquid. I'm just making my own first mix and I'm using Anavar powder Peg 300 However I understand it's advised to use 190 proof...
  9. linc

    New here, but not new for everywhere. ^^

    Hey guys, new face here and want to be a friend of you! :clapping: With experience of raws, anyone need help on such issues, pls feel free to PM me. ;) I will enjoy the time being with Anabolic Steroid forum and all of you. :winkfinger:
  10. Landmark.Lucky

    How to do your own injectables from steroid powder

    Hey guys, I know many would be interested in homebrew and there will be some questions about making it. To answer questions rasied by some of our customers, I just come and share with you the following: Q: “How do I prepare my own injectables from steroid powder that I’m confident is good?” A...
  11. Gaige21

    Test Prop Homebrew

    Just made my first homebrew test prop. Dose was 120mg/mL, 2% BA and 20% BB. Oh man, got so boring pushing it all through 0.2um Whatman lol. Letting the batch sit overnight so the BA can kill anything alive, and gonna shoot up first thing tomorrow. Will let you guys know how awesome it is :P