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hgh cycle

  1. M

    Iron Lion

    Hey guys! Anyone here used IronLion HGH orange or grey tops? Experience and results?
  2. J

    Complete newb please help

    Hello, I'm 28 yrs old, 5'11'' and 190lbs. I want to try and cycle something to take myself to the next level but there is so much info online i dont know wtf to do. I've never done a cycle before. I hit the gym about 4 times a weak with a decent diet. Al I use is whey protein. I'm looking for a...
  3. wrbsuperman

    got my (basic) bloodwork back, looking to start a cycle to help an injury

    I screwed up the fast by taking 2 bites of a (homemade) burrito ~100 minutes before. White tortilla shell, chicken w/taco seasoning, sharp cheddar cheese, black beans, and refried beans. Had stopped eating at 7pm night before, blood was drawn at 11am. I am (currently) a moderately active...