help with steriod cycle

  1. T

    New to ASF

    What’s going on everybody! I’ve been bouncing around forums for years reading threads gaining knowledge and finding answers to my questions. Meso, evo, anabolex, eroids, ug, and asf all good info and reads even some legit sources but I finally decided to make a profile and get active on here...
  2. sxboicexb

    Need Cycle Suggestions!

    I’m 21. Pushing 200lbs. Been working out hard for 2 years. 1 years experience with SARMs and Pro-hormones. Just finished my first cycle. Not impressed. Sustanon 350 and Var for 12 weeks. Var for 8wk. Really like the classic physique look. Goal is the shred up and see what muscle i really have...
  3. F

    looking for a mentor

    So, I'm 24 years old. Been working out on and off since I was 18. I'm in the military, USAF, and serving a 6 year sentence. I've been thinking about hopping on gear for the last year and I think now would be a good time. I would love to get a mentor or someone to give me some of their knowledge...
  4. F

    Newbie help please

    Hello everyone , wanted to throw out there my plans and see what the vets have to say, plan on doing special mix 6 at 2cc per week for 12 weeks along with t3 the first 6 weeks and if I can get my hands on it albuterol first two weeks of first month and second , also low carb high protein diet.
  5. E

    Nanodrol and pct

    Hello :) Can anyone please help me? I`m going to use nanodrol, but can I use fusions 6 bromo for pct? I have both, but I`m not sure if 6 bromo is a strong enough pct? Thanks for if you can answer my question :)
  6. S

    beginners cycle

    im 23 6'2" 190lbs, looking to do a beginners cycle to gain lean mass with the least damage to my body. im not completely uneducated about steroids but can anyone help by putting together a beginners cycle for me? im looking for something only around 6-8 weeks and injectables. this would include...
  7. Archie2nd

    Testodex - dosage

    Hi, I have some questions but i don't know who to turn to: my doctor doesn't "understand" and nutrition specialist i don't want to show my face to... Long story short, I have used Testodex Propionate 100 (by Sciroxx) in the past and it worked great for me. I only used it 5ml shot a day and it...
  8. Y

    Young and looking to get massive

    Hi, Im a 16 y/o that has been training for about 2 years now standing at 6ft tall and 172.8 pounds of mostly muscle and have minimal fat although not shredded either and I have recently been thinking about starting my first cycle but am not sure on how to continue carry out with the process. I...
  9. T

    First Cycle

    Hello this is going to be my first cycle of gear. I am totally new to all this I was just trying to get some opinions on where to start. I am looking mainly for strength and size gains but I don't need anything that will stay in my system for 3 months or over due to athletics. I've been training...
  10. J

    Question about Cycle and opinions needed

    Hi all, I started a Test E cycle Aug 5th, This is my 4th ever cycle. I am thinking of starting my first Growth Hormone cycle however, I was told by a friend of mine that I should try other combos with test before I start HGH. For instance, he said try test/tren, or test/deca ETC. I have only...