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Need Advice today


Oct 11, 2023
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Get Shredded!
Hello everyone, new to this forum so apologies for my ignorance in advance.
83 kg/182 lbs at 5”11 age 21. I’ve been cutting for the last three months to prepare my body for a bulk later in January by reducing body fat. I cycled test e 500 mg for 11 weeks, which I ended exactly 4 weeks ago. I waited two weeks, then began PCT with Nolvadex only. I’ve taken two a day since and yesterday was the two week mark.

My question starts here. I want to cycle test e and masteron for the next 7-8 weeks right away and cut this PCT short before I travel overseas to get a better shred. Am I able to start pinning from today? Is this a bad decision and what changes will I have to make to my PCT whilst I travel? E.g take HCG shot before I leave and take nolva/Clomid overseas

Any advice will be appreciated
Thank you
I would finish your PCT. You would be amazed what a clean diet and hard work in the gym can do for you. I wouldn't do another cycle till your older. 21 is young. I know your gonna so what you want tho.

At least take this advice.
1.Do your research and learn as much as possible. 2. Plan plan plan, When I do a cycle I plan everything out start to finish.
21 hella young to be using gear. I'd recommend full PCT with clomid. You only get one set and don't want to ruin your balls so young. You will be taking test for life if your not careful. Shit I took at your age was OTC but still had shit in it and messed my endocrine system up.
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