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  1. G

    Wife wants to enlarge clit with gear

    She is 46, longtime lifter, never used gear but is on trt (pellets) for a year and loves the libido and slightly enlarged and very sensitive clit (as do I) that resulted. Trt has made her libido go through roof and increased her kinkiness qjite a bit. Very feminine 5'9 140 and wants to stay...
  2. K

    New female here

    I made an account the other day and my pw wouldn't work and no email would send to email to reset so I had to make a new one. Aggravating but ANYWAYS, im trying to compete in wellness within the next few years. I have a lot of growing to do. Currently working out 6 days a week 2-3 days of legs-...
  3. L

    Hey Y'all

    Hey Y'all. I've looked at this forum a few times since June but more intensely the last week or so. I started a var cycle, that I got from a bodybuilding friend after going to an expo and seeing these newbie chicks that are huge and ripped. I've been lifting for 8 years almost although about...
  4. bar_belle

    Bar_Belle's AY Cycle Log - Mean Lean & Green

    AY Cycle Log 12 Weeks Let's get this party started! Very excited to go through my first log and first run of these goodies with you guys. First I'll give you some background. I'm 47 years old and have the ambition of earning my Pro Card in Masters Figure. I have competed, placed, and or...
  5. J

    Female BodyBuilders