blood work

  1. ilfirin

    Smooth bridge to TRT

    Hello, I have been taking 0.7CC (70mg) Test Propionate EoD for 2 months now (245mg per week) preparing to switch over to doctor prescribed TRT. Prior to that I had been blasting/cruising non stop for years. I took my last pin of Test P April 25th. I need to score below 650ng/dl on my blood work...
  2. S

    What do you think about my blood work results?

    Just got them this week even were done a month ago. The results are in the attachment. ME: Male / 37 yo / 225 lbs / 6'1" / 25% BF / never done TRT or steroids Previous total T was 337, don't know previous free T. It was about a year ago. Since then I've been taking everything possible...
  3. geochris123

    Testing my GH if its legit.

    Pinned yesterday night my first jag of GH 10iu SQ(to test it), woke up morning 7:00Am did 5iu SQ then at 9:00Am another 5iu SQ. Did blood work GH and IGF1 levels at 10:15 Results: GH 8ng/ml(High but should be higher maybe because SQ shots at different times?), and for IGF1 increase is only 7...
  4. N

    Extreme High Estrogen levels on blood tests

    Hi guys, I’m going to explain my situation and not sugarcoat anything here. So basically I have been using Tren/ Testosterone for several years now since my accident of getting hit by a truck on my motorcycle when I was younger. This sped up the process of things, with having two spots on my...
  5. X

    Blood work

    I ran some tests with LetsGetChecked for the first time and these were the results. What y’all think about it? They said they couldn’t read the real Value of my testosterone because their machine can only read till 1381 so they said is much higher than that. I’ve been running 250mg sustanon...
  6. Doomsayr_x

    Can anyone explain this to me?

    I got a cycle suggestion from a friend that involves Test E 2 times a week .5 of adex on injection days and 20 mg of tamoxifen (Nolvadex) every other day. I'm just curious. What this will do? Also I was told clomid and then 60/60/40/40/20 would be better PCT? I've known many guys to just run...
  7. A

    Looking For Blood Work

    Does anyone know where I can get blood work done at and my insurance company doesn't find out about it?
  8. J

    TRT help please

    I've been on Trt for 8 weeks now at 50mg every two weeks and I have a checkup soon. My doc says levels are normal but don't feel any different. Low energy,lethargy, and low libido. I've been dieting and have slowly dropped weight due to good nutrition and training. My question is what should I...
  9. T

    Blood Work Question

    Howdy. back when I was recovering from a bad food poisoning followed by months on top of month of miss diagnoses ( thanks Audie Murphy V.A. Hospital ), I finally gave up and learned to make my own Colloidal Silver and I killed the bacteria myself. Well in there somewhere I got my own...
  10. B

    LGD 4033 bloodwork

    Hi. Before I even post it. Is there any interest in seeing my before and week 5 of cycle test labs for the solo Lgd 4033 I'm doing. Shows the degree of suppression of this substance. So far did Week 1 2mg ed 2 5mg 3 5 mg...
  11. wrbsuperman

    got my (basic) bloodwork back, looking to start a cycle to help an injury

    I screwed up the fast by taking 2 bites of a (homemade) burrito ~100 minutes before. White tortilla shell, chicken w/taco seasoning, sharp cheddar cheese, black beans, and refried beans. Had stopped eating at 7pm night before, blood was drawn at 11am. I am (currently) a moderately active...
  12. BadDevlin

    RBC Count - Donating Blood

    So I got lab results today and I'm wondering if I should donate blood. As I understand too high of RBC means the blood is basically too thick, which puts you at risk for clotting and whatnot. Also my WBC is high too, which I've read AAS can cause as well, but could also be an infection...