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  1. YourMuscleShop

    Where To Buy Exemestane Tablets

    INTRODUCTION A synthetic medication called exemestane shares chemical similarities with selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). The enzyme aromatase, which is in charge of producing estrogen in the body, is inhibited by the drug exemestane. Because of this, estrogen levels drop, which...
  2. P_Labs

    P_Labs PCT Collection & test reports

    Our complete line of PCT oral tablets. Arimidex 1mg Clomid 50mg Nolva 20mg Letrozole 2.5mg Aromasin 25mg Our tablets are hard pressed with a score line for an easy break to cut dosing. Tablets are adequately packaged so you will not receive crushed or broken tablets. Tablets are sealed to...
  3. J

    I started on aromasin, how to handle side effects, hot flashes in particular.

    My current regimen is as follows, 125mg of Omnadren 250 every 4 days ( I split the 250 amp into 2 shots ) and I was also taking Arimidex @ .5mg with every shot, however it wasn't very effective and also me and my doctor were a little worried about my latest lab results which indicated slight...
  4. C

    Ironmag Research closed - Need Liquid Exemestane

    So Iron Mag Research is closing their doors. There still a few chems and shit left at 70% off but most is now gone. I just found out yest. I get Exemestane there and have it dialed in perf. Anyone know of a legit source for liquid Exemestane? If not, I'm going to go with my man at Crazy Doser...
  5. A

    Aromasin and or Nolvadex causing cough?

    anyone heard of this? if not ill look into it more but right now im taking 25mg Aromasin ED and 20mg Nolva ED to get rid of puffiness around nipples. my cycle was 500mg test E 10 weeks. its going on week 13 and im about to start Clomid and nolva but im having this dry cough that i cant explain...
  6. jozifp103


    Purity Source Labs has just released a new cycle package called THE LUMBER JACK! This stack includes the following 7 - Euro Pharmacies Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 – Euro Pharmacies Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP) 100mg/ml 10ml/vial 7 – Euro Pharmacies Masteron Propionate...
  7. Z

    First order placed and received

    So I just received my first order from Naps. order contains: 4x Test E 200mg/Eq 200 mg Blend; Aromasin x2, Helios x2. From the date I sent the money to receiving was 11 days. I administered the first inj of helios after receiving and I must say it is def working. I will be starting gear cycle in...
  8. massthetics

    Aromasin throughout cycle, but during PCT? *Cycle Help*

    So here's my cycle.. Question about PCT is at the bottom. I'm 25 and this is my third run with AAS. I weigh 205 at 5'9". Cycle: D-Bol @ 50mg/day (weeks 1-6) TestProp @ 100mg/eod (weeks 1-6) Test-E @ 750mg/wk (weeks 1-8) 1000 mg/wk (weeks 9-12) 1250 mg/wk (weeks 13-16) Deca @ 400mg/wk...
  9. TheGreatWhiteTruth

    Fuck researchstop.

    Cycle: TrenA/ 50mg ED TestE/ 500 per Week 12.5mg RS Exemestane ED until I noticed Gyno symptoms. Started clomid at 100 per day (also from RS) and bumped the exemestane to 25mg to mitigate the sides. Sorry the screenshot is hard to read, but yes, you are reading that correctly. E2 =...