1. OSGear Rep

    📸 TOUCHDOWN Pictures

    Dear Friends, We've started this thread to invite you to show us some love with your delivered goods! This is our goal: to have happy and fully satisfied customers! Feel free to upload your TD picture here and also on the website, in your OSGear account and get $30 store credit that you can...
  2. V


    Super fast shipping and great service. I am late posting this so missing one vial of test/deca/mast blend and halfway through another. Also popped the top off the Double Bass for a few extra fun workouts. Been growing like a weed on the test/deca/mast pinning 1ML x2 a week. Cant wait to...
  3. jaxxtx

    LEGEND TD!! Good To Go

    Whats up everyone. I have been loyal to a sponsor on here since the beginning but nonetheless things got stupid and I ventured out. Here is a "first order" testimony. PRICES ARE REDICULOUS Turnaround time was fast....real fast compared to my previous sponsor. Did 2cc Test and 2cc Cut Stack...
  4. Johnnyboy004

    Touchdown! Granabolic goes 2 for 2

    Amazing TA. A couple days short of double digits. Was pretty surprised. My experience w Granabolic, and Dath has been great. I would highly recommend them to anyone on the fence. I know a lot of bros are concerned about ta, but that was pretty damn fast. Also, this is the second td from...