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  3. T

    Sustanon melting point

    Hi, I am about to brew some pre mixed sust. To what temp you bring solvents+powder when cooking? This thing is confusing me as sust esters melting points vary from 50C to 120C.
  4. sxboicexb

    Bouwen Pharmaceuticals Real or Fake?

    There has been a lot of Bouwen Pharmaceuticals floating around my local area. First ever cycle. No Labs done. Sus 350 .4ml EOD Anavar 50mg 1-2 ED So far nothing extremely noticeable. Halfway through the cycle. Not impressed. PIP for sus was horrible for the first 2-3 weeks then by the time I...
  5. J

    Why has my sustanon 250 changed from translucent to non-translucent after first dose?

    Hello all, it's my first try at doing a cycle of sustanon 250. I am wondering if people think it would be safe to use sustanon when it has gone from clear to milky. I'd appreciate any help that you can offer. Best, Jasper
  6. M

    First cutting cycle help. I am 38 on TRT

    So I am 38 on TRT just andriol weak shit.... Decided to do a cycle of Sustanon 400mg/ml at 500mg per week for 12 weeks with 80 mg var ED and 50mg proviron ED. plus triple stack sarms, Rad190, sr9009. Cutting. All straight for 12 weeks should I adjust anything? After this going to use Sustanon as...
  7. T

    homwbrew Sust tweak

    Hi Guys could you please give me some advice and tweaks..on some homebrewing..happy to pay for detailed advice.. I'm making some sust 250 as I usually use Enanthate and want to change my next cycle.. Im used to making Enanthate and equipoise. And attempted to make a tiny batch of sust using...
  8. D

    Sustanon flu

    Has anyone experienced this flu like symptoms from using sustanon. My first inj was last night 1cc of 250 sus and holy shit I feel like a freight train hit me. I've never used prop before only cyp. Any thoughts to this??
  9. T

    sutanon 250 and clen??

    so im on my 2nd week of sustanon 250 by its self and using arimidex as well. im not worried about how much or when i understand all that, just curious i have some clenbuterol as well just havnt messed with it. should i use it and stack with sustanon 250? im 5'8 159 lbs trying to put on lean...
  10. K

    Winstrol or d Bol first

    Ok I have PCT and all that figured out along with nolva,clomid etc my question is: I'm about to run sust(12 weeks) with d Bol(6 weeks) and winstrol(6 weeks) I just don't know if I should run the d Bol in the first 6 weeks then winstrol or winstrol then d Bol. Preferably I would want to take...